How do I Summarize part 10 (b)

Hi.. I’m back, so prepare for some great book quotes….

So, we are on Tuesday (day 3 at Marble Arch) and we had slept in, so much so, that by the time we caught up with Amber it was early evening and had ended up at the noodle place again (you just gotta love noodles!)…  Whilst there, we had a long chat about me & Kylie, Amber was really sweet & talked about how different Kylie seemed & how much of a difference I had made to her life, it was wonderful to hear, it is safe to say that I got on with Amber, she was great (and we are still good buddies, she is a diamond!) Anyway, we finished off the noodles and went back to the hotel, Amber was busy so we said our goodbyes for the day & headed up to the room…. Chaos then ensued!

Me & Kylie nearly killed each other this evening, to cut a long story short we had this rape / murder fantasy scenario that we kept teasing each other with and it ended up being let out the bag! Basically i kept choking her until she lost conciousness & then threatening to kill her as she slipped away!! Kylie then would come round to me & try fight me off (and lose badly!)…. we talked the most offensive shit to each other, it was quite dramatic (and trust me, if you are thinking WTF!… I have edited this down, it was worse that that!) Anyway, we eventually fell asleep for about an hour or so, I was feeling really insecure when i woke up (we had messed with each others heads so much!) so we talked about the whole situtation & some of the things we said & did to each other and by the end of it, all was well with the world, Kylie convinced me that it was all just another part of our journey (seriously, I felt bad for forcing myself on her even though it was pre-arranged) although I have no issues doing it now, she loves it!…We ended the conversation by having more sex and then I finished her off with 2 dildos! (again, edited but I wrote this session down play by play in ‘the book’ ….I ended the paragraph with ”An amazing fuck!!”)

Ok, we are now on Wednesday (day 4) which involved a date we nicknamed ”Romantic pie diner!” .. this was the day when we went and had pies in Selfridges food hall… we just sat there with 2 little boxes of  pies (with mashed potato!) in one of the busiest  stores in London like we were the only people on earth! IT WAS so romantic… it really was, we just stared at each other and shared pies…. we talked about us, about what we were going to do in LA and about excited we were knowing that we would be back together only a month after she left… (I am sat here thinking about how far we have come since then, i also have the biggest smile in the world right now, i remember every word she said to me that day… it was a great moment)

SO, Thursday came around, this is what I wrote in the book, it says it best:

  • We took some photos
  • We have adopted Amber & regularly feed her
  • I chewed on Kylie for about an hour!
  • We had sex in the shower… with foam burst gel!
  • We went for an Italian with Amber
  • Fucked like crazy
  • Double a**l, double V**
  • F***ed her pussy… (thats not fucked!!)
  • She stuck her ….(I am not gonna finish this bit but I have a great photo of it!!!)

And that was Thursday!!! get the picture….?

(Yet another side note: At this moment in time it’s 11.55pm & I need sex… so am gonna go and attack Kylie, I will finish this bit soon!!)


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