Kylie & her camera!

Hi everybody,

Forgive my ranting aboout Mevio early (the bag of cunts!) but I was really really wound up, it’s just that we have spend SOOO much time on the podcast, only to find out that Mevio couldn’t put a podcast site together if someone had a gun to their heads! (…GRRRR!) Meanwhile, we have to move on ….and try and find a new host site.

Err… So what else has happened today?

Oh YEAH, (like I could forget this!) had a great fuck this morning!!

Kylie was on form again (like, when is she not on form?!) infact, i only lasted about 20 mins!! (she just talks so much nasty shit …sometimes I just can control myself!) …And so I ended up fisting her (The romance of it all!!)

So, apart from mailing & posting stuff on eBay, thats about it for the daytime part of  (a very sunny) Thursday…

This evening comprised of Kylie & her camera (see previous blogs about her incredible photography) I was just sat on the stairs having a cigarette when she started taking pictures of me, she ended up taking about a hundred (ish), and they were pretty fucking awesome (she even manages to make me look pretty!!!) but seriously, she is amazing at it, she just sees things we mere mortals can’t!!! ….i don’t know how she does it (magic eyes maybe?)

So I have asked her nicely and she said I can post a couple! (YAY) this one is my favorite, which she also did it black & white, hope you like!


One comment on “Kylie & her camera!

  1. cool pictures! i really like black and white sister tells me its from watching black and white tv as kids. ya what do big sistes know anyway! LoL

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