Not the best day…

Hi all,

I could go on about how shit today was and how it was a ‘two steps back, one step forward kinda day’ however, I am aware that compared to most people, my monday was fairly timid… a few annoying things happened but nothing really to complain about, it just wasn’t the best I have had since being here and I am not a moany bitch!

However …loosely based on that theme, I just wanna say a couple of things:

When I write my blog, I don’t write down all my feelings down about certain situations, certain people and certain things I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis ….and he’s why?

I am aware that some family members back in the UK read my blog and to be honest I don’t want to worry them because ‘all in all’ life is grand, I love it here, I am having a blast, my life with Kylie is fucking great, I love her, she loves me, so why have people reading into things or cause undo concern over something & nothing. We all have shit to deal with… That’s life!

Another reason is I can be hot-headed, I can be in a bad mood, or I might have gotten out of bed on the wrong side, end up blogging the wrong thing in a fit of melodrama and cause offence to people… it’s just not my style, we all have shit moments, we all feel sorry for ourselves at some point and I don’t wanna dump my own crap on other people!

Finally, the last reason I don’t mention certain things is it may not be any of my business, or it might be an opinion, it might not even be true!! Therefore I don’t wanna act like a prepubescent teenager, spreading gossip, pushing ‘my opinion’ on other people and basically coming across like a bitter narrow-minded prick, there’s nothing worse than having egg on your face because you don’t know the full story or because you let your emotions get the better of you….

So that being said, I hope you all appreciate why my blog is upbeat because to me, it’s just fun and I really hope it come across as respectful to everyone I meet, if there are blanks in any of my stories, or people are omitted from the blog it’s because my mum always told me ‘If you can’t say anything nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all’ …..

And yet again, here endeth the lesson!

I’ll speak to the rest of you guys tomorrow…. for more upbeat fun and frolics (LA style!!)


2 comments on “Not the best day…

  1. I think we Aries all live in an alternate universe from everyone else anyway lol…we DO have tempers and it’s a life lesson to learn not to let it get the best of us. Aries is sometimes called “the baby of the zodiac”, although I take umbrage at that! It takes maturity to see the potential immaturity and head it off at the pass….looks like you’re doing fine 🙂 rock on!

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