Up on the roof!

It’s a sunny Thursday evening and me and Kylie are sat on the roof!

So what are you doing up there? …I hear you cry!

Err, I’m drinking a beer, Kylie is eating strawberries, whilst I also attemp to blow bubbles (with Mr Bubbles!) as (inbetween strawberry munching) Kylie takes photos of them with the LA Skyline as a backdrop! …It’s a hard life! (Oh and I have my laptop with me)

SO then, what else is new?

Well, I gave Kylie a good raping this morning, we then dropped off Jeff at UPS and have been shopping for grocieries.. OH AND ENGLAND ARE THROUGH TO THE LAST 16 OF THE WORLD CUP! (it gets better!) WE ALSO ARE PLAYING GERMANY IN THE NEXT ROUND!!!

I can’t wait, Sunday is World War 3…. England V ‘The Crouts’, they keep knocking us out of world cups on penalties… but not  this time, we are gonna finish em of in 90 mins (and failing that I am gonna support the US!!)

Anyway, enough football banter, back to the raping!!

Last night Kylie beat me up, threatened me …and then knocked me out!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! This woman is crazy, seriously crazy (and by crazy I mean insanely hot!)… I retaliated of course and ended up filling her up like a balloon… but Man, she is tough, I pounded her like there is no tomorrow and she kept coming back for more…. (hence this morning!!!)

And SO… that’s about it for today ( at 7pm!), Superhero porn guy is back tomorrow (which is nice) but I will tell that story after the day is done!

Meanwhile kids, look after mum, drive safely & don’t go changing!


PS Whilst blogging a bird has pooped on Kylie’s laptop!

PPS And she is worried people are gonna think she beats me up! (which she does but it’s all in good fun… so dont worry!)

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