The gangs all here…

Hello everyone,

Currently sat with Kayme Kai, Derrick Pierce & Kylie….

Kayme is doing a photoshoot with Ben (photograper who lives with us) Derrick has just shown up and is discussing the show with Kylie… I am blogging!

Today’s events involved Superhero porn guy (nothing to report) me & the post office (had loads of Kylie stuff to post!) PLUS me and Kylie had a massive meeting about moving out, sorting all our stuff & other tasks we need to complete to make the move easier, we now OFFICIALLY have a day and date, PLUS all the power/internet is coinciding with it… so well done Kylie (she’s the organised one today!)

In other news, we have also done all the paperwork for Kylie’s Cam show….(watch this space, yes i said WE!!) and err, Kylie is about to shave my head Mo’hawk style again!

And she is hungry… so i am going to feed her!!

Speak soon


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