Want to know about Kylie?

Hi Everyone…

For those of you who are directed here to find out why Kylie is moving out of the www.thefalloutshelter.com check out ‘the story of me & Kylie’ …. the on going story of the how we met, what happened and LOVE x

For the rest of you who turn up everyday to see what fucked up shit me & Kylie have been doing, then hello, sorry I have been busy packing and therefore have posted some poor quality blogs the last couple of days, once we get moved  in its back to business as usual… promise!

I WILL finish our story I promise (part 11 next) also, I will get the podcast up (its just Mevio are cunts!)… gotta go, more packing, final day today!


PS God damn Kylie took some cock last night, I am amazed she can walk!

One comment on “Want to know about Kylie?

  1. umm wait i was feeling sorry for u having to do all that moving stuff till the ps note.i dont feel so sorry for u now! lmao i thought u were suppost to be packing boxes?!

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