Back to the blog…

I have been away for a while huh?

Things have been hectic around here to say the least, the cam shows being the main culprit of my time consumption, also we have been trying to finish decorating PLUS trying to finish all the information needed for Kylies new website launch… it took me DAYS to finish her movie list there are just SOOO many!

Anyway I have found time today to have a quick catch up & fill in some blanks from the last couple of days:

The Cams are awesome, me & Kylie have loads of fun doing them, its a bit wierd for me obviously because I am not ‘Talent’ and some days there is alot of stopping & starting as people duck in & out of her chat room but once things get going it’s ‘full steam ahead’ & I fuck Kylie like there is no tomorrow and we are making cash money whilst doing it.

Obviously, we are making a concious effort to ensure that the cams are not our only sexy time, its not that they aren’t real scenarios but, as soft as it may seem, we like to kiss & cuddle whilst we are being maniacs & the cams sometimes don’t fit the pace required… Although we have had some blisteringly hot ones, shocking all those that watch & getting a good reputation for filth, perversion & all things demonic!

Kylie’s new site is coming along, as mentioned I have been building her movie list, she has made so many it’s even hard for her to keep track & everytime we found a new one Kylie would regale funny stories or nightmare scenarios that happened during them, its was a good job to have, she is a dirty girl my wife & I love her brazen attitude sometimes, her refreshing honesty always makes me smile.. anyway next up is her bio which she is working on as we speak!

eBay has also been time consuming, downsizing her life is going well but sometimes there is so much stuff to post I can waste a day packaging & printing labels (she is a popular girl you know!)

Moving on, yesterday me & Kylie Skyped with my older sister Louise, it was the first time they had talked & was a great thing to watch, they both hit it off instantly (which was a relief) & it looks like Louise is coming over to stay for a holiday sometime in September… that would be AWESOME, my 2 favorite girls hanging out LA style!!

Lets see, what else has been happening? errr… The pool is green for some reason, they have been out twice already this week to try & clean it, it seems to be better but I’m not gonna go for a dip yet, i will end up with fungus or something growing on my parts & I currently need them to pay the bills!

And thats about it really, I will continue with the story of me & Kylie soon & I KNOW the podcast has ground to a halt but Mevio is shit & finding time to investigate it fully & sort out the issues takes time I simply dont have at the mo! sorry, as ever bare with me!

Lastly, Hi to Nick (a journalist from the UK) I have the questions buddy & will be sitting down with them this week, promise…

So until the next time (hopefully with apartment pics) enjoy this photo I took of Kylie, which is one of the many pics framed in the dining room (I only took 3!)… but it’s a scorcher!


Not been blogging

Well, actually I have… they are sat in drafts!!

I have too much to tell you about cams/the story of us, I now am jammed up wih them & dont have time to finish them!!!

I also need to get some photos of the apartment up!!

Bare with me & keep checking back for updates!


Editing cam shows

Spent all day playing around with the cam show recordings… eventually got one (well a small clip of one) posted on a tube site as a PR stunt!

Now I sit back &  see what happens…


Slight error of judgement

So we didn’t end up on the cams last night, by the time we got back from the fallout shelter & unpacked…. it was late! So we watched Californication & had an early night!!!

Anyway, we are doing it tonight instead just check out yesterdays blog for the link… I am feeling especially evil today, so if you like watching Kylie gets messed up then click away!!!

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go and get ready, its on at 8pm PST


Morning (just!)

Hi everyone,

Not much to tell you today… relaxing day yesterday, chilled by the pool, ate some food & continued with Californication, its a fucking great show, love it!!!

Today we are off to the fall out shelter to eBay some stuff (we have LOADS! to mail) & then a couple of other errands, then tonight we’re back on the cams… roughly about 8pm PST (although we did an amazing practise run this morning!!)…

So, I will catch you guys later, meanwhile, enjoy the link!


Round two!

Hey everybody…

Did another show with Kylie this afternoon… and the fun continues!!!

Will have to sit down and tell you all about it properly when I get time, they are fun (as stated) but it’s more than that, I get to see Kylie as Kylie (I’m married to the real her you see… she’s not even called Kylie!) But it really would be a long story & I haven’t even got started on part 11 as of us yet!! So bare with me!

Anyway, I cooked up a storm tonight & did Garlic Honey chicken, caramalised carrots & Brocholli for dinner (from scratch…. it was awesome!) & we are currently sat watching Californication (because apparently David Duchovny’s Character is me!) So I won’t blog too much, we are being all lovey dovey after our day of deviance!

So, thats me done for the day, just gotta say Hi to Nick from Birmingham (new twitter pal) & Hi to Ned from San Diego (Kylie’s high school sweetheart!)… take it easy!

More hardcore blog action tomorrow!


PS Kylie looks fucking stunning tonight, I’m doing the whole ‘falling in love thing again’ …..

Knocked it out the park….

Hey everybody,

Just finished the first webcam with Kylie… it’s a long story so I will have to blog about it tomorrow, however, for now, know that we knocked it out the park… it was also disgusting!!! They loved it!!

Speak tomorrow, I’m tired!


Tonight at 10pm PST !!!

Well, tonight’s the night…. I get to bang the crap out of Kylie with an audience!!! For those of you brave enough to ‘see the show’ click on the link at 10pm PST… and away… we go…!!