Moving house…

Well I have been a busy boy!!!

The last 2 days I have been packing, fucking, packing, fucking, moving, unpacking, fucking, decorating & err.. fucking!

The new house is awesome… absolutely awesome! WE HAVE A POOL!! some great neighbours… we are now officially cloud of doom free!

Anyway, I have taken some photos of the move in various stages so will post them later (I am at Playboy radio at the moment so can’t get em off my camera!)

The main purpose of todays blog is to let Kylie know what I feel… and all I can come up with is ‘Thankyou’ …thankyou for loving me, thankyou for seeing in me what no one else does, thankyou for everyday and everything you do for me, I cannot ever repay you …but I promise I will do my best to try everyday …I will love you with everything I have & always make you smile… my angel, thankyou, living with you is UNBELIEVABLE, I fucking love it x


PS This is Kylie in the Playboy radio car park …nom nom!

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