Hello everybody

It’s 8am Wednesday morning, I couldn’t sleep anymore… god last night was hot!! (temperature wize) ended up going to bed early anyway!

So whats new? Err… well, i have been catching up with Spaced (the TV program) we went to the fallout shelter yesterday to get more stuff & the apartment is looking great! (I’ll post photos when it finished)

As ever, Kylie has been ridiculously filthy (she is  whore after all) & life is grand… The webcam computer turned up yesterday, so we are gonna hook it up later tonight & give it a practise whirl but we should be all good to go by Thursday!

I probably need to do a seperate blog about webcams really…. it’s fairly straight forward, I have sex with Kylie, people watch… we get paid! (it’s a bit more detailed than that but thats the gist of it!)

I am sat here trying to work out what else I need to tell you, I think thats it… we are going to Santa Monica today (Doctors appointment) & I know I need to catch up with the story… but it will have to wait!

Meanwhile, take it easy & don’t go changing


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