Round two!

Hey everybody…

Did another show with Kylie this afternoon… and the fun continues!!!

Will have to sit down and tell you all about it properly when I get time, they are fun (as stated) but it’s more than that, I get to see Kylie as Kylie (I’m married to the real her you see… she’s not even called Kylie!) But it really would be a long story & I haven’t even got started on part 11 as of us yet!! So bare with me!

Anyway, I cooked up a storm tonight & did Garlic Honey chicken, caramalised carrots & Brocholli for dinner (from scratch…. it was awesome!) & we are currently sat watching Californication (because apparently David Duchovny’s Character is me!) So I won’t blog too much, we are being all lovey dovey after our day of deviance!

So, thats me done for the day, just gotta say Hi to Nick from Birmingham (new twitter pal) & Hi to Ned from San Diego (Kylie’s high school sweetheart!)… take it easy!

More hardcore blog action tomorrow!


PS Kylie looks fucking stunning tonight, I’m doing the whole ‘falling in love thing again’ …..

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