Parties & the like…

Now then!

So, we have been hitting Hollywood for the last couple of Saturday nights but last week was extra special fun cause we met up with Lexi& Ethan for Lexi’s birthday at  Capitol City, a cool sports bar.

Amongst some of the guests were Bill from Streamate, Tanya Tate with her beau ‘Monstar’ Plus Zoe Britton (who Kylie spent 5 mins kissing!!) as well as other Porn Types & pals… it was a good night, fun was had by all!

Anyway, when we got home, me & Kylie decided to fuck the rest of the evening away with her still wearing a pair of knee length combat boots… its was filth with military style precision!

SO, long story short, We had a fun night, we have some great friends & Kylie is still a whore!

Speak soon, enjoy the pics.


And we continue….

SO, far this week I have been a guest on the Friday night 3 way & even baked a cake  but by far highlight of the week was last night… I got the BEST BLOWJOB IN THE WORLD!!

Anyway.. apart from that we have been camming & swimming alot…. inbetween organising life & living an LA style to the fullest, this weekend we are going on an adventure, courtesy of LA Bizarro… its like a guide to wierd stuff in LA, so we are gonna pick some pages & disapear to somewhere wonderfully strange!!

Anyway, I’m not gonna apologise for stuff I’ve NOT done so far here on the blog but I will however leave you with some random pics from August!


PS Oh!.. And I got sick of that fat chutney from Canada last night, he texted Kylie, so she told me to tweet him & threaten him but I resisted the urge & just explained what a joke he was instead!! (including random insults about ‘boys’ in make up..!)

300 channels, aint nothing but cats!

So I haven’t blogged for how long?

I am letting this shit slide… I must get my act together I know! but we both have been REALLY busy & to be fair I have been really off colour the last few days, it’s currently 8.30am & I am sat in the office while Kylie sleeps! 

I have the worst stomach cramps ever!!!

Anyway, I thought I would blog for a while to try & take my mind of it…. I also thought I would post a load of photos of pussy! …Enjoy:

August is here!

Hi Guys….

Been as slow as fuck on the blog, have SOO much to tell you but life is busy busy busy, Kylie had been a photography genius, Ikea has been plundered, The Camshows are amazing…. all will be revealed soon (idealy this Wednesday due to Kylie being away on lezzer duties!)

Meanwhile, here’s me: