How do I Summarize part 11

I haven’t continued this section of the blog for ages! but pressure after the “ladiez night” interview & the amount of emails & friendly nudges I have gotten from people means I need to continue.

There has been loads of reasons why I haven’t finished the story, mainly its been time restraints but also sometimes it feels wierd looking back, I get so focused on the future with me & Kylie that it almost doesn’t matter how we met… but obviously it does, it matters SOO much, I just get lost in the enormity of it all & find it hard to write, anyway i found time today to keep it going, so enjoy it, this bit is small but just plain fun!

Friday (day 5, still at Marble Arch)

All I have written in the book for this part is:

  • “Kylie remarked – You have broken me”
  • “I would love Kylie if she was just a stump neck”
  • “Went to KUA for a drink & some strange gay Iranian fella keeps trying to talk to me, I wish he would fuck off!”

However, I do have photos, so i’ll give you some background to them first…

Kylie doesn’t drink or take drugs (she has been sober for about 9 yrs) so after a long day wandering around London, Kylie came in & flopped on the bed. On the sideboard in the room was an unopened complimentary bottle of red wine, a packet of Nurofen, a  jar filled with packets of sugar/sweeteners, 2 dildos, plus we had a novelty pen that looked like a syringe!

So, as she dozed off  on the bed, I thought I would take pics of Kylie as a dead hooker …who had died from a drink & drugs related death! (of course I did, perfectly normal idea!) So I used the sugar & sweeteners as cocaine, the Nurofen became random pills & the pen stood in for Heroin, I then surrounded Kylie with various dildos & vibrators and Hey Presto… Instant ‘Dead Hooker!’

I then took the photos and even  twittered ‘Another Hotel room, another dead hooker!’ ….so here is the pic (edited) that inspired that Tweet!

Told you this part was a small bit, anyway next up is Day 6, I won’t leave a big gap inbetween blogging next time… I promise!



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