The week so far…

Well, so far this week I’ve been doin some Superhero porn, played with the famous skateboarding bulldogs, did a couple of cam shows (Kylie squirted all over me in the first one & then came like her head was gonna explode, it was FUCKING HOT!!!!) err… we climbed a mountain, saw 2 Camels & a Zebra, went for a late night diner with Derrick, Kayme & Derricks Mom (who is super cool btw) and also did the famous Mulholland drive through the mountains…

And thats about it, we had a couple of days on Abibids & eBay as well, posting some of Kylie’s stuff as that going well again PLUS (changing topic) I am in touching distance of 500 follower on twitter!

And that really is that, However, I must mention My Big Sisters Birthday as it’s today & she is coming to visit us in 20 days time, so Happy Birthday Lou… see you soon x

As ever here’s a catch up of the week in pictures!


PS I just re-read some of the wording in this post, it’s not that clever but I’m tired and so I’m not gonna to change it… besides Kylie is looking at me with come to bed eyes!!

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