New BIO…

Just been prepping for an Interview on Ustream THIS coming Tuesday (will blog the link soon) anyway, I thought I would share my new bio with you all…


Andy Appleton was born in a small town near Manchester, a very gloomy place in the north of England in 1972….

I was brought up along with my older sister by 2 wonderful parents, my mother (who had me when she was 36) was a housewife who suffered from Parkinson’s disease & my father was a self made man who worked in the fruit & veg trade and had retired time I was 15, my upbringing was very traditional, topics like sex & relationships were taboo subjects and since I was privately educated to say I was naive would be an understatement.

My first experience with women came when I was thrown in at the deep end with an older woman whilst I was in my early teens, it was very much a shock, I had no idea what went where or who did what, it was a disaster…

After the devastation of being dumped by the woman in question (I honestly believed the first person you slept with, you married) I began a journey of self discovery into the fairer sex, by the time I had chosen my desired career of being a disc jockey in the world of nightclubs I had slept with 2 people, this was all about to change…

Within a few weeks of DJing, I soon discovered that one night stands were common practise, women who slept around were not “hussies” or “ladies of the night” and based on my new found information I also discovered that if you were easy going, nonchalant or just downright rude, you got a “bad boy image” which meant that one night stands became a way of life, the worse your reputation got, the more frequent they became!

After 9 years of travelling around Europe playing music to anyone that would listen I had racked up quite an impressive hit rate of sexual encounters, all the while still in a little bit shock that everything I was taught about women and sex was completely untrue, in-fact it was the complete opposite, woman actually enjoyed sex, in-fact they enjoyed it much as much as men, by the time I was 25 I was like a fat child sat in a empty sweet shop after I had gorged myself on every shape, size & colour the shelves had to offer…. It was time for a change!

My career took me into the world of nightclub management where I discovered that women did not only chase the bad boy they also sought after men with power, for not only could I get them into the coolest clubs up & down the country, I could also get them into places of myth & legend like backstage or the VIP lounge, this usually ended up being a slippery path to my office where women would often receive what would be ominously called a “double barrelled VIP”

At around this part of my life I fell into what would eventually be my first long term “relationship” (although disaster would be more apt!) and over the course of the next 10 years I foolishly juggled both player & partner lifestyles, in fact to say it was a disaster would be an understatement, I lied, I cheated, I simply didn’t care & to this day I sometimes still wonder why I had a relationship with someone who I clearly didn’t love or respect for such a length of time.

When I hit 34, I felt my lifestyle, my relationship, my opinions on life had to change, I had become disenchanted by the nightclub Industry, I was living with someone with whom I had nothing in common, I was just down right miserable. So I decided to quit nightclubs & took up Theatre management which satisfied my need to work within entertainment but at a much calmer pace with less distractions, around 6 months of doing that job, my long term relationship had come to a close and I was free to unwind and reflect on what the last 18 years had taught me.

After 3 award winning years (sorry had to drop that in) working in cinemas, scattered with the odd booty call left over from my nightclub days, I got into a twitter romance with Kylie Ireland… yes THAT Kylie Ireland! 

At this point this is where my story becomes REALLY interesting, in fact this is where my life begins, I cannot summarize either the story, or my feelings for her but as I always tell everyone, you need to grab a couple of hours and sit down with my blog it is the ongoing story of us and how, after 4 months of meeting, we are blissfully married, living in LA and planning a future together.  Kylie just makes sense to me, I feel my life has taught me many things and that every lesson has brought me closer to her, she is my soul mate, the person in my life who has always been with me, unseen but calling me to her.

My life right now is OUR life, OUR future & OUR happiness; the only thing we disagree on is the location of it …but either way I am looking forward to whatever it brings.

So, to summarize “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah… Happy”

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