Louise comes to town…

Louise, my big sister turned up in LA last week!

We were late from picking her up at the airport but she didn’t mind as Eddie Izzard was there to keep her company…. Anyway, it was great to see her (when we eventually got there) and just amazing to see her & Kylie together as these are the 2 most important women in my life.

First off, we went back to ours to drop off her stuff, via Mulholland so we could stop & grab a view of LA & the Hollywood sign (bloody tourists!) & as we did, we caught up on things back in the UK whilst filling her in on life over on this side of the pond. But as you can imagine she was a bit jet lagged so, as time was moving on, we nipped to Ralphs, picked up some supplies, I made us some diner & we continued the conversation (including embarrasing baby pictures that she brought) until the jetlag got the better of her & she fell asleep…. meanwhile I now have a couple months of supplies of proper chocolate & teabags!

The next day Louise was rareing to go & so we went shopping! It started with a nip to the mall around the corner whilst Kylie & I got ready as Lou wanted to do some “browsing” first. But after we met back up (after 30 mins or so) she had already bought 3 pairs of boots!!! So we nipped for a coffee, bought some stuff for our nephew Alex (including a cheshire cat mug for Kylie) & drove over to The Grove for some more splurging!

We actually didn’t spend much time at The Grove, we browsed Prada (Kylie fell in love with a pair of cool camoflage shoes) had a root beer & got a new kitchen timer (to replace the one I melted) but seeing as Louise had been on the go since 6am (time zone issues) she just wanted to go & chill, so we gave Derrick a call & met him for a Mexican at Casa Vega.

Side note: Louise meeting Derrick was quite funny, they got on like a house on fire, she is quite ballsy & enjoyed chatting with him, it was great night, me & Kylie hadn’t seen him for a few weeks & it’s always good to catch up…

The next day we had touristic action on Rodeo drive, Kylie took a shedpile of pics with us lookin all “LA” & then we did a bit more shopping, had diner @ California Pizza Kitchen & then headed home to watch a couple of DVD’s (yes, Jetlag & long days were still in effect!)

On Sunday, we had a Barbeque for Louise & invited everyone, anyway, long story short, Derrick, Mischa, Provillain & Kenny (plus wife) turned up & we embarked on eating & drinking too much… it was great! Kylie made Chicken casserole, I cooked Jack Daniels Chicken, steaks & hotdogs, there was salad & cookies & all kinds of stuff… & after it had gone dark & we had had a good old sing song with Provillain, Derrick & Mischa helped us tidy up & we retired for the evening… Oh’ and because Louise had spent a few hours in the pool prior to the festivites, she was now drunk, Jetlagged & sunburnt (with a mystery black eye!)

The Final day saw us pick up a few bits & bobs from Target, having dinner @ Denny’s PLUS a bit of last minute present buying from Lou, she also GAVE Kylie her GHD’s! (which she had fallen in love with) Anyway, we then drove down to Santa Monica before her flight home & took some more pics (see below) Grabbed a Starbucks & dropped her off at LAX for a tearful goodbye (which Louise didn’t see, cause I was acting tough!!)

All in all, it was a great few days, it was awesome to see my big sis after such a long time PLUS I can honestly say that both her & Kylie are good friends now, I’m so happy that they REALLY hit it off & I’m confident she is going home to report wonderful things about the woman I love…. If you are reading this Lou, thankyou, we loved having you here, we both miss you already & can’t wait for the next visit… or ours back there 🙂 x

And that (in a nutshell) ladies & gentlemen, is Louise comes to town! (now enjoy the pics from Santa Monica…)

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