The Wall

Last night me & Kylie went to see Roger Waters “The Wall”

OMG! What an amazing show…

It was held at the Honda Centre in Anaheim (which we couldn’t find for ages!) but before the show we had a meal at the stadium, in the Jack Daniels Old NO 7 Bar, it was a Buffet type scenario but like no other buffet I’ve seen, truly incredible food, I ate pretty much everything they had!

SO after that and a couple of JD’s (it woud be rude not to) …The show then commenced, it was an extravanganza of Sound, Music & Lights. The Entire show was on a HUGE wall, that was built DURING the entire show, with appropriate images from the film (plus new updated versions) beamed onto the it & the stage… all produced & performed by Pink Floyd originator/writer/performer Roger Waters himself.

Special mentions must also go to the 30ft puppets & GIGANTIC Flying pig that propelled round the stadium… you had to see it believe it!

So here are some pics (as ever)


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