Christmas 2010 …LA Style

What a fucking great Christmas! Seriously AMAZING…

This was our first one together (in person!) and I don’t think it could have been better, we had GREAT weather, gave great gifts & had some of the best & dirtiest sex EVER! What more could a guy ask for? (apart from the retro Christmas tree we ordered turning up BEFORE Christmas day, not 2 days after!)

So, the story goes like this: I knew what Kylie wanted as she has an Amazon wishlist for her fans, so in order not to tip her off as to what she was getting, I set up my own wishlist and added the presents she wanted to it, then bought them for myself… I then had them shipped to the PO box for her fanclub (which I always check!) and HEY PRESTO, instant surprize and a moment of brilliance from me.

Incase you were wondering what I gave her, she got a New Handbag, a steam punk Necklace with love hearts & skulls on it, a new set of  ‘cool as fuck’  headphones for her radio show & a Kindle case/bag. She loved them, her face lit up when she opened her presents… she’s a little cutie! 

In return, she got me a couple of Neck chains (including a really heavy set black one, that I still haven’t taken off!) the world coolest ‘Lucky 13’ bowling shirt (she knew I have always wanted one) some D&G aftershave (the one I wore in London) and endless amounts of Jack Daniels stuff, including a food brush, wallet, hat, Rubiks cube & set of glasses (she knows me too well!)

Like I said, a perfect day, with the perfect wife… all in the city of Dangles, I am very lucky, I know (before you all say it!)

SO, as ever, here come the photos… thanks for readin, I’ll be back shortly with details of New Years eve!


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