New Years Eve 2010

And so we finish the year as we started… with a BANG! (and a Giant Rabbit)

After a great Xmas, we had a couple of days off, chilled out & had some alone time, it was nice to spend ‘phone off time’ with Kylie, so we hid away from the world, watched TV, dressed the retro tree (which turned up 2 days AFTER Xmas) skyped with family & basically took life at our pace.

We had various options for New Years Eve but we decided to go with the ‘first come, first serve’ option & so ended up going over to our friends Tim & Dor’s house with one of our bestest buddies Mischa (plus a stuffed man called Gordon) and also along the way pick up another pal Lynn…

Anyway, when we got to Lynn’s house we were amazed to discover him stood in the street wearing a Giant Bunny costume… ‘err OK’ we thought (after 5 mins of hysterics) and so we bundled him into the car and set off to our destination, all the way with him sticking his bunny head out of the window bawling ‘Happy New Year’ to one and all!

So, once we arrived (and after Tim and Dor got over the shock of a Giant Rabbit and a life sized stuffed man as NYE guests) we commenced to make food, drink copious amounts of booze and generally run a muck…

After a couple of hours, we came up with the brilliant idea of playing party games, namely ‘Taboo’ …however we didn’t have a one. So giant rabbit went over to a neighbours, with a threatening note pinned to his chest and stood outside their front door until they gave us theirs! Which miraculously worked (he was a spooky looking rabbit!)

At midnight, we then drank vodka in champagne glasses in the street to toast the New Year as yet again the Giant Rabbit ran around causing chaos and scaring small animals (leavng poor Gordon all alone inside) … as an aside to the story, whilst we stood in the street, a strange man appeared in the world tightest trousers (and very flambouyant yellow top) said hello, Happy New year, threw 2 fireworks in front of him and then literally pranced off  away into the night.. it was all very surreal.

We then played taboo, the greatest game in the world when you are drunk, till around 4ish, made our excuses and went home… Once we got back to the homestead, I then commenced to bang the crap out of Kylie’s ass until the sun came up! Go team Andy!

And that was it really, some good company, a few drinks, a few laughs, a giant rabbit and a good time was had by all… Then rampant filth and collapsing in a drunken stupour, what more do need from a NYE party?

 To give you a better idea of the night (as most of the antics get lost in translation) have a look at the pics… and Roll on 2011.


PS Whilst I forget, I have gotta say a quick thanks to everyone (that means you) that have taken time to read my blog, I hope the random bollocks I write either make you laugh, cry or just plain envious, either way… thanks, it’s appreciated!

PPS I know, I have to continue the stoy of me & Kylie, I’m stuck on part 12… I will finish it promise!

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