My First Movie credits…

Hi everybody,

Currently Me & Kylie are working on the (very) early stages for production of a ‘as yet’ unnamed Porn Parody. It’s loads of  hard work but loads of fun… it involves ALOT of phone calls, numerous meetings (with ourselves) some driving around prop houses to get prices for stuff & other movie style type tasks etc…. However, at this stage, we think it might not happen, mainly due to the scale of the project versus the budget (which we don’t yet know!)

Anyway, so why all the effort you ask? …well, here’s why.

A couple of weeks ago we got the first copy of  a film we did together called “Kiss of the strangler” on which we did all the production design. It was a great film, a job well done & an awesome feeling to see all the sets we did, along with our flair and imagination up on-screen… but more than anything else (call me narcissistic) it was just fucking amazing to see my name  on the credits… Go team Appleton!

Err, and that’s it really (OK, you can call me a narcissist if you want.)


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