New Laptop… Score!

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would test out my new laptop… yes NEW!!

Mine was like 6 years old and bought for me by some Scouse gangster type when I worked in Mersey side back in the day, If it wasn’t for my good pal Mick, it would have died a long time ago… but hey, out with the old and in with the new. I am not going to bore you with details of it’s gun metal finish & 17″ screen but needless to say it’s awesome (but the best part is ALL the keys work!)

Anyway, I am currently updating software, putting codes in etc & I noticed it has some kind of blog program on it that updates WordPress, so I thought I would give it a whirl & stick a couple of pics up from yesterday.

Just to give you a brief rundown of yesterdays activities, Me & Kylie went for a hike to one of the local parks and stumbled upon an old dam that was used in the opening sequences of Iron Man 2, the bit that hosted ‘Stark Con’. We were out and about for a couple of hours, we tried to climb it (which eventually we managed, the steep bastard) and then played ‘catch’ and a bit footy with an old baseball we found! I know its not Rock n Roll and I know we do the strangest things sometimes but fuck it, we find romance in the most childishness of things & in the strangest of places!

So, he said, trying to change the subject (Oh… and we sat and watched some HUGE hawks fly around for a while too) here’s a couple of pics from the day… like I said originally, this is just a test blog and my new laptop so don’t hate on me for being mundane!


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