Wikipedia or bust…

Hey everybody…

I have said this many times but here I go again… My life is strange!!

This time the strangeness appears when I find that I have my own Wikipedia page… err sorry, what?!

Yeah, you heard me…. SO, here it is in its full glory! (attached below) The life & times of me (via articles & other stuff found on the internet!) I have no idea if this is a good thing or a bad thing, I suppose it nice to have the blog mentioned (as you know, I appreciate all you guys who come & check it out) and it’s also nice that people are interested in Me & Kylie… or just interested in Kylie & I’m the guy with the inside track?!

Either way, it’s strange (to add the growing collection of strange)…

Ok, so let’s see what happens next, if it stays up, if it grows or if I get in trouble for this screen grab!


PS I have started a rough draft of part 12 of ‘the Story of me & Kylie’ (…must. keep. momentum. going!)

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