How do I summarize part 13…

You see, I’m on a roll..

So after a night of rampant filth (and a chinese back at the hotel) following our day of romance in Hyde Park, me and Kylie got up and started to pack.

We were to be heading over to the Airport hotel that day as the London part of our adventure was starting to come to a close. We had acknowledged the fact that we couldn’t be apart a few times over the past couple of weeks but we had not come to any conclusions or solved any problems as to where our adventure would go next.

We both knew that we couldn’t be apart and despite the massive problems like geography, some unmentioned (and really complicated) circumstances in her life, nevermind the fact she was a world famous porn star with a business/family & friends in LA we both knew that we could not let go of what we had… we talked about where we would live, who was going to live where and how we were going to achieve it. It was a long conversation. Originally we had talked about Kylie leaving LA, selling everything she had and moving to the UK, at first such a romantic idea (and believe me it’s still gonna happen) but the more we talked about it, the less practical it seemed. She has SO much in the US, her entire business, her reputation, her home …PLUS an entire career and life of things she would have to ship… it would have taken months, maybe even a year! And I simply couldn’t do that, WE couldn’t do that.

I was in a situation (which seemed lucky at the time but to me now, seems like fate) whereby it would only take me a month or so to sell up, as about a year prior to meeting Kylie I had been in a relationship that ended quite convieniently and as a result I had sold my house & had most of my possesions in storage… which meant the timescales to us being apart were dramatically shorter if I came to her & emphatically she agreed.

She simply wanted me to be next to her & we both wanted that period of time to be as short as possible, we had wasted too much time already, why waste anymore? We would just deal with any eventualities leading on from the crazyness of this situation back in LA, together, we would deal with everyone one by one & as selfish as it may seem, we just didn’t care, it was going to happen… if you are lucky enough to have found someone that carries with them the other part of your soul, you will understand that regardless of situation or history, circumstance or warning, Love wins…. every single time. To us, what we were planning to do was so completely natural, no matter how insane it seemed, regardless of anything we have ever said or done, we have done all this before, so fighting it or being level headed was just not an option. This was US, living, feeling & breathing as one once again, like a life of deju Vu… we just doing living like we have done it many times before & no doubt will do many times again….

Kylie, I know you are reading this & I love you. I love you more with every passing second, when I look back this part of the story it all seems so trivial but I remember how exciting it was to have found you again, I will never forget these moments & I’ll never take you for granted… Hey you x

Ok, I’m gonna move on, I know most of you are grossed out, hey, at times it even grosses US out but that’s just the way it is, its the fucking truth, I make no apologies. I’m married to my soulmate, it’s an incredible thing.

Anyway… As with most things to do with us, it ended in sex and seeing as the day had been taken up by it, along with packing & talking! …all I managed to write in the book was: “Today we had a long conversation. It was very emotional. We had sex & she squirted all over me, she made me drink it. Afterwards we fell into a sex coma…. Oh, & Lemon fudge cake!”

At some point in the late afternoon we checked out, wandered around Oxford street (still talking) went for something to eat in a small cafe & then looked at furniture in John Lewis. We then grabbed a cab and headed towards Heathrow airport for the last couple of days.

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