How do I summarize part 14…

So we arrived at Heathrow, well a hotel by Heathrow, checked in & then went to our room… I mentioned in the last blog that we had a couple of days left and if I’m honest with you I have jumped the gun but if I tell you why then I will ruin the next part of the story.

So, for the purposes of the story, at this point, the date is the 16th March & Kylie is supposed to be leaving on the 17th… we have less than 24 hours together.

Ok. Still with me? Good…. So after we dumped our bags, we decided to eat and seeing as the hotel had a pub/restaurant type thing, we went downstairs to grab some food. We then sat there, completley wrapped around each other, munching on some pub grub, total engrossed in each other, taking note of every second as it slowly counted down to the moment she had to leave… and… errr… we watched ‘TheChampions League’ on the TV!

After the match (and an hour and a half of me trying to explain the rules of fooball) we went back to our room & seeing as this was gonna be the last time we would have sex for a while (or so we thought!) we decided to literally go out with a bang…

Now i have photos of this night, I have LOTS of photos… but I can’t post any of them, they are completley disgusting, I mean just totally freaky! We took every little sordid act we had done over the past 3 weeks and then multiplied it by 100 …and THEN added everything else we hadn’t done!!! It was the most amazing (and filthy) experience ever, I literally plundered every hole she had (and thats 4 if you are counting) as we fucked, then fucked some more and finally…WE FUCKED! (get the picture?)

By the end of our filth marathon, we were completley drained, soaked and exhausted and as we clung onto each other (although to be fair we were almost welded to other other with various liquids, lubes and excretions)… we drifted off into a sex coma!

A couple of hours later (and probably due to the odour of our bodies!) we woke up, showered, dumped the completley destroyed sheets under the bed and fell asleep.

The next day Kylie would be heading home…

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