A new blog? ….surely not!

Yes it’s true, I have decided to write a 2nd blog, a sister blog if you will… Why you ask? …well here’s why.

I have spent all day travelling around LA, looking for graffiti (including the elusive Banksy) and I have ended up with a shit load of new pics to load up. So, I thought I would do a specific photo based blog all about Graffiti which will leave this one to do continuing stories about me & Kylie PLUS other things about life in general (you know porn & sex & that!)

Anyway, give or take,  that’s the reason. 

SO, if you wanna know about me & Kylie then this is the place to be or if you see LA Street art then go to: www.bombedoutla.wordpress.com

It’s that simple!


PS below is a taste of my new blog.

PPS I will start part 15 of me & Kylie tomorrow… so stay tuned!

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