How do I summarize part 15…

So we wake up on Kylie’s final day, she was due to leave at around 3.30pm.

Now the room was trashed, I mean totally trashed and it stunk of 2 people who where obviously trying to fuck themselves to death! If i’m being honest, it wasn’t a good day, infact it was one of the worst days i have ever had… the thought of Kylie leaving, of us being apart was soul destroying but I had to keep it together because I could see Kylie was fighting it and I also didn’t want to waste one second of our last few hours.

As ever, we fucked… but this time it was different, so much more intense than ever before, as we touched and held each other it was like we were trying to slow time, getting lost in the moment, in our connection, slowly drowning in each other and got trying to forget the world and what was about to happen.

Afterwards, we lay there holding each other talking about where we would go from here, when I would get to LA & what she could organise for when I got there (I have touched on this subject briefly throughout this blog, Kylie’s life was slightly more complicated than mine, a lot of things had to change before my arrival) anyway, we were both on the same page and we were determined to make us happen in the real world (as opposed to our world)

As time crept on, we got out of bed, showered and packed, all the while talking about plans and our love and what would become of us, it wasn’t a depressing time as such, it was more a hopeful and fearful time and even though we knew where we wanted to go, as with everything in life, we needed luck on our side.

We then took some pictures in the hotel room grabbed our stuff and went to the airport to grab some food and await the enivitable teary goodbye, during the whole day my heart was racing.

In the next part, we are at the airport… it’s nearly time to part.

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