I have a blog missing!

Hey everyone,

I was checking my blog this morning & I have only just realised that I didn’t blogged about the last scene of the day from the Scream XXX Parody… err ok, so I’m an idiot… but if you have been reading my blog for a while you should already know this… so i suppose I had better finish it then!

So after being ‘slate guy’ the final scene was with everybody involved in the film sat around in the dungeon discussing porn (and other things plot related) and if I’m being honest I was a bit worn out by the day so I just sat in the corner with Kylie and watched them film it! It is however a great scene, REALLY funny… most of the people involved on this film has worked together before and there was a lot of chemistry, so when they ALL got together to act in this scene it just worked, there were a few dialogue errors but it made for some superb ad libbing… in fact I filmed one of the takes on my flip cam, if you wanna see it then go to:

http://www.twitvid.com/5UC4O …it’s fantastic, especially the ‘Fish Packs’ that Evan asks for… what the hell is a Fish Pack!??

Anyway, that was a wrap, all the cast sat around talking, me & Kylie watching… superb, a great day and what looks like a great film in the works. As a rule of thumb I find parodies a bit annoying but the GREAT thing about this film was that it was a parody of a film about the filming of a porn parody!! The script was really clever and from what I saw of the sex scenes it’s gonna be hot as fuck (which is the main thing I suppose).

So, no doubt I will be blogging about the release date, I think I over heard someone say it takes about 5 weeks to edit them together (but don’t quote me on that) but stay tuned anyway and I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, here are the final pics from the shoot…


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