Camping adventure (take 2)

Ok, so this time we are DEFINATLEY going to the desert… the adventure kicks off on Monday!

Meanwhile, we zipped round Melrose today for and grabbed some pics, we also updated kylie’s website (part of a revamp that has been dragging on for ages) which include her NEW blog PLUS other bits and pieces which is rolling out over the next few weeks, you should check it out at: …it’s in the visitors section under ‘blog me’

Apart from that we have also been acting all ‘artsy’ and even made (and framed) a couple of graffiti stencils & pastes for our guerilla art project (also coming soon) … anyway, tomorrow Kylie is filming for a documentary about rape fantasies, so it’s an early night for us (he said at 1am!) as ever, pictures of the last few days are below.


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