The Fucktard returns…

For those of you who read the last blog (and that’s alot of you!) please see the reply that ‘Fucktard’ has JUST sent to Kylie …As ever, I apologise (or is that feel sorry?) for his grammar & punctuation …let us not forget he’s a Fucktard!

hello.  how are you? listen.  regarding the threats and harassment why would i send you something that could be used in court?  second of all, your husband , andy appleton is the one with the problem not me.  more importantly the emails i send to your husband don’t threaten anyone.  more importantly i am not going to give you my twitter account.  there is no way you are getting that.  it is true that i did say some things to your husband but i never once threatened him.
twitter and yahoo are two different is even more ridiculous when your own husband has to live off your celebrity status and your finances.  i would like to suggest from now on, to protect your tweets.  any new followers would have to submit a request before they follow you.  that’s what i do.  course that is only a suggestion. end of story.  jb

I am not even gonna start on him, I would have to be blogging for an entire week to point out how much of this drivel is wrong …so instead, Here is Kylie’s reply to him:


We are both trying to point out the simple fact that you are mistaken. That you don’t understand the way Twitter works and that no amount of your complaining to Andy in emails is going to stop you from seeing MY RETWEETS of his tweets.

 I didn’t ask for your TWITTER ACCOUNT information. I wanted to know what your Twitter NAME was (as in “@kylieireland”….you are @_____) therefore I could block you and then you would not receive any of the retweets or tweets of ANY kind from ANY of our accounts. This IS what you want right? To NOT receive any tweets or retweets informing you of anything to do with Andy or BombedoutLA… I am trying to help you. I am trying to solve your problem.

 You wrote: “regarding the threats and harassment why would i send you something that could be used in court?”  – who said anything about court? I stated that your emails to Andy and your insults are considered HARASSMENT and that we will report this to Twitter if need be. If you persist in harassing us I am well within my rights to report your emails and harassment to proper authorities.

 You wrote: “ twitter and yahoo are two different entities”  -I don’t even know why this is relevant. Unless you are saying that because you are emailing him on Yahoo that protects you in some way. Your ISSUE is with tweets, your emails are about tweets. Where you are emailing from has nothing to do with anything.

I don’t know WHAT your issue is with my husband. He has never done, said, sent or twittered ANYTHING to you. 

As far as my life with my husband, THAT is none of your business and I don’t appreciate your insulting him to me. You know NOTHING of our life and your assumptions of what you believe our life to be is irrelevant. Furthermore, what our relationship is or is not has NOTHING to do with ANY of the tweets/retweets you seem to find so offensive. Our relationship has nothing to do with your complaint.

Why should I protect my tweets??? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GO AND CLICK THE UNFOLLOW BUTTON AND YOUR PROBLEM IS SOLVED. Why is this so hard for you to understand? Both of us have told you this. If you don’t want to receive tweets from either of us then go to my page when you are signed in and click UNFOLLOW. This is not rocket science. YOU have to do this. YOU started FOLLOWING ME. I don’t follow you. So please stop wasting our time with your idiotic emails, rants and insults when all you have to do is CLICK UNFOLLOW. You clearly do not understand the way Twitter works.

I can only assume since you refuse to tell me your Twitter name that you are the same ‘James’ that calls in to my radio show. For whatever reason, you seem to enjoy trying to get me riled up. If that’s what makes your pathetic little cock hard, then knock yourself out.

Whether you are the same ‘James’ or not is not important. The bottom line is we have tried to help you solve your problem. I have told you the procedure to make the tweets stop but you are either too stupid to do this, too moronic to understand, completely psychotic or all three.

You can email your bullshit as much as you want. We are not at fault here are doing nothing wrong and have done nothing wrong. Neither one of us will be returning any emails from here on out. In fact we have both blocked your email address so any further emails will go directly into junk mail and be deleted. We won’t even see them.

Leave us alone. Go away. Kindly fuck off.

Kylie Ireland

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