My scenes are done!

Well that’s a wrap for me… it were a lorra lorra fun!

So the last 2 scenes were just me and Zoe Voss outside the (pretend!) murder scene, she was (pretending to!) broadcast, I was (pretending to) be filming her. We then exchanged a few lines and then hopped in the TV Van, exchanged a few more lines and then off we went, easy peasy!

I will post some more pics on set as I take them but here’s a few from our scene.


First dialogue day…

Hey there…

Today’s shoot started early & the first scene was me being brutally murdered in my grip truck (Oh, I’m Pete the cameraman by the way.) Anyway, So far so good, the scene only took about 5 minutes as in keeping with true English style acting my only lines were ‘Oh bloody hell!’ I’m currently sat around waiting for scene number 2 (of 3) but I’ll keep you guys posted on the rock and roll excitement that are porn parodies!


Scream… an XXX Parody.

Hi Everyone,

So me & Kylie have been building sets the last couple of days for the new movie ‘SCREAM’ the XXX Porn Parody, so far, we have 3 to build:

  • A Dungeon
  • A Principals Office
  • A Janitors room

As today is officially Day 1 of the shoot, the crew are out on location which means the only pressure is to have them ready for tomorrow but to be fair we have most of it done, so we are currently finishing off the by adding furniture etc.

I am attaching some photos of the part construction of 2 of the sets including the Janitors & the Principals office PLUS the masks we made for ‘Ghostface’…. oh, and in other news, I also play a Cameraman in the film… who gets killed!!

Still that’s showbusiness!!

More from behind the scenes later in the week.


Busy workin on set!

Hey everyone…

The madness has started so haven’t got time to blog for a few days, however I will be taking photos on set & will do a nice big ‘Behind the scenes’ blog all about the mayhem of porn!

Meanwhile, here is a Clay pussy that Kylie made as a prop for the film (which we probably won’t use!)

Back soon


Not much going on but…

Hey everyone,

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while you will notice the mad flurry I had getting the Story of me & Kylie (the London part) to a close! The main reason for that was I have a shit memory PLUS I wanted to move onto the next part… when I get to LA, which I promise, I will start very soon. Before I do however, I wanna say a big thanks to all those people who have commented on the story, sent me emails & twittered about it… sincerely, thankyou.

Anyway moving on, recent life has seen me & Kylie out and about taking photos of Graffiti (when we haven’t been in bed with flu!) Yes… we both came down with a bit of a cold (including the cats) and so were bed ridden for a few days but we are now both back to our stupid selves, infact in the last couple of days we have even been down the park for a bit of a kick around with a football (a soccer ball!)

Obviously the graffiti pics were for my other blog ( which is taking off famously (thanks again) but Kylie has also been taking more photos of signs for her own site (for those who don’t know Kylie has been photographing old Americana signs for years… she’s REALLy good… and she is building her own site to show them off) it’s gonna be a while till it’s finished though, she’s a perfectionist, she wants it to be AMAZING… which it will be, so more news on that soon.

OK, other news… Kylie went on Pornstar Pundits a couple of weeks ago and they loved her SO much that she’s returning on the 15th february! If you wanna listen, the link is and if you haven’t got a clue what it is then basically it’s a news & current affairs program run by comedian Johnny Dam… so tune in, it’s a great show (and yes …it’s free!)

Moving on to more trivia… We have a Superhero (remember Kylie is Omega Woman) porn shoot coming up in Feb, this time with Mr Derrick Pierce as ‘The Sultan’ !!! The dates keep moving due to the costumes not being ready (Yes I have a costume!)…but apparently they are very good & I will, as ever, post pics of the shoot including all the mayhem me, Amber, Kylie & Derrick get up to, it should (as ever) be alot of fun but if you wanna catch up on the other parts in the Omega Women story you can go to

Errr… what else? Me & Kylie went over to watch ‘our friend Janice’ read some sexy stories at a club the other week, Nina Hartley did a bit of a turn as well plus I made a new friend in Grand Ponate & his amazingly funny band Fogul Foot (Long story short, funny sex based songs!)…I think the next one is in March & Kylie will be reading some of our early tweets about Love, life and dirty sex! ….Hey!!! …Talking of dirty sex, Kylie has been trying to bang me to death recently, obviously after our bout of flu, snot and flem we had a bit of a break in the passion department so we came flying out the stalls with a few days of nastiness… I have mentioned before what a lucky man I am to have such a filthy yet loving wife, so read the last sentence back again and repeat to fade!! All in all life with Kylie in and out of the sheets is as amazing as ever (Big sigh, stop blogging for a sec while I give her a cuddle)

OK, final bits of stuff… 

  • Kylie’s show on Jerkbox is going great, she now has a Hashtag on twitter & all the fans interact with her & each other during the show, it’s a lot of fun. Wanna join in? go to twitter every weekend between 7-11 PST and look for #JerkBox
  • Ebay has started again as we continue to downsize, I have managed to rip every CD she owns, they are flying out the door!
  • We have 5 films coming up in the next 8 weeks! I can’t tell you what they are but I can tell you that most are Porn Parodies & that me & Kylie are the Production design department (that means you guys will get behind the scenes blog updates & pics!)
  • I have started drawing again… for some reason.

And I think that’s it… I have probably missed out loads but fuck it, I’ll catch up with you next time!

Thanks for reading, now here’s some random pics!