Time Flies… or is it flys?

Yet again not much to report since my update on Star Wars XXX…

So what revelations can I tell you about? Well, I am on Pornstar Pundits again this week, you can catch the show on: http://bit.ly/hHR4er  that’s THIS Friday, 1st April (no joke!) from 5pm -7pm PST… And that ladies & gentlemen will also mark my 12 months anniversary of being in America and the start of what promises to be the greatest, greatest month ever… why you ask? Well here’s why: April is month of the Ram (as in ‘Ram it up her’) it’s also my birthday (the 10th) AND therefore the start of AndyFest 2011 (10th-17th) a week that NOT only includes my 1 year wedding anniversary (the 16th) but also marks a week of debauchery & general hellraising for everyone on the planet!! (whadya mean it’s not marked on your calender??? …buy a Sharpie and stick it on there!!) Anyway… as previously stated April is the greatest, great month of all, the greatest people are born, I live in the greatest country in the greatest city, with the greatest wife celebrating our great event on the greatest day during the greatest worldwide event! Argue that one… and send presents!

Moving on to other news, Kylie’s new & improved website is going well, only a couple more pages to update and then the arduous task of resizing all her videos begins, we already have around 50 done PLUS all the new updates are being posting BIG but she has SOOO many… it’s gotta be one of the biggest websites out there (and testament to what a slut she is!) remember you can always can check it out at www.kylieireland.com

Seeing as we are on the subject of Kylie, FUCK ME!! How fucking crazy his her blog? I mean she has been doing it (again, as part of her web relaunch) for only 5 weeks & she has already beaten www.bombedoutLA.com & is rapidly approaching this one (and I repeat, these are 2 BUSY blogs… it’s no mean feat!)

Anyway (sniffle) as you have probably noticed Kylie has been plastered all over the web since the world found out she is street artist DeeKay, so that’s a good thing… she has been working hard for the last few days creating some new stuff (and practising stencils at home!) therefore, it won’t be long before she hits the streets of LA again with her new material.

And apart from that we have been waiting on Star Wars XXX cash money so that we can get this party started, so I leave you with some photos of recent stuff including DeeKay’s practise ground, accidentally driving through a movie set and a link to the new BombedoutLA promo vid.

Speak soon… peace out!


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BombedoutLA Vs. The LA River: http://twitvid.com/SLNKI

Andyfest 2011 wishlist: http://amzn.to/dFErzv (please give generously!)

Prep for Star Wars… kinda!

Hi all…

I’m currently downtown at the Fallout Shelter getting prepped for Starwars XXX, moving shit around, making it nice and tidy ready for the shoot AND creating space for construction etc… it’s a BIG job so far, although me & Kylie are doing a great job at it (and having a laugh at the same time!)

Anyway, the shoot has been moved back to the end of April so that gives us plenty of time for set building, as it was looking REALLY tight for a while, so the pressure is off us a little bit… And that’s all I can tell you really, as ever I will keep you updated with news both on and off set, meanwhile here’s a picture of R2D2 & Julius doing his best Wookie impression!


What the fuck happened?

SO I am currently sat with Kylie & we are discussing my all time favorite pornstars…

Now you have to remember I am not upto date on Porn even though I am constantly meeting girls in the industry, I am, what I like to refer to as ‘Old School’ when it comes to porn & am STILL of the opinion that 90’s porn was the best porn ever made! …I mean it wasn’t that the girls were hotter (which they were) it was because the films were just sexier, today’s porn is too freakish and more Circus like… who the fuck (apart from social outcasts or murders) wants to see a milk enema? or some green haired, buck toothed skinny bird covered in poorly designed tattoos get banged in the ass by ‘some bloke’ in a cheaply made Gonzo scene (not that I know what Gonzo is… he’s was a Muppet, right?)

Anyway, after much discussion, here’s my top 10 all time favorite list… obviously Kylie would be at the top but I am not allowed to include her …but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s full of classic hotness and even though some are retired and some have now leant towards the freaky (cause you gotta earn a livin right?) it’s a great way to travel down memory lane as you mutter under your breathe “how on earth did porn get so wierd!”

  1. Celeste
  2. Stacey Valentine
  3. Julia Ann
  4. Tiffany Towers
  5. Holly Body
  6. Bianca Trump
  7. Kim Chambers
  8. Rebecca Wilde
  9. Wendy Whoppers
  10. JR Carrington (pre melty face)

Kylie Ireland… Dirty slut, Street Artist & Blogger!

Hi Everyone

Kylie has been stealing my thunder with aplomb… as she now has her own blog!

It’s all part of her new & improved website updates and we have both been working hard recently bringing it upto date with all things ‘Kylie’ …therefore, you now all have 2 jobs to do:

  1. Rush to her website & check it out: www.kylieireland.com
  2. Rush to her blog & check that out: www.kylieirelandblog.com

Anyway, to give you a flavour of what’s coming up in our world she has JUST posted some info on the upcoming Star Wars XXX production design project… NOW in glorious 3D! (head scratch!) so here’s a direct link for all the lazy bones out there!


It’s a great blog… it’s a great site… it’s a brave new world!


PS As ever www.bombedoutLA.com has all the updates on our Graffiti adventures!

The Eagle* has landed


Yes, that’s right the ducks are back… and no I haven’t lost my mind!

In my crazy little world of Porno, sex & Porno sex, the ducks that turn up at our pool every year have returned… infact I caught them shagging yesterday (the dirty duckers!) so I thought I would share the joy of Spring with you all and post some pics!

The ducks are back

MMMM... Chlorine!

Also (in other news) the Scream XXX trailer is NOW OUT!! …I play ‘Steve the Cameraman’ so here’s the link for you so that you can enjoy my moment of Parody madness (but pay attention, I’m only in the trailer for like 2 seconds… see if you can spot me) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_7IrvCahc4

Anyway, that’s all for now, i will start on Desert adventure part 2 at some stage today and don’t forget to check out my website: www.bombedoutla.com for all the graffiti news in mine & Kylie’s world!


The Desert adventure (part 1)


  1. The Drive
  2. Camp Stovepipe Wells
  3. Pocket Stew
  4. Airbed goes pfff…
  5. 7am!
  6. Cooking breakfast with fire
  7. Mosaic Canyon & Sandunes
  8. Steve & Guido steal Hersey bars
  9. Sex in the desert
  10. Steve & Guido get cornbread

Off We Go!

The Road

1.  We set off to death valley (late) but OMG!! what a drive… the most amazing roads, the most amazing views… it was fucking incredible, Oh… and I now know where the hubcap capital of the world is!

Hub Cap Capital of the World

2. The drive ended at Stove Pipe wells in Death valley… We unpacked, got our ‘tent on’ and took in the views.

Stovepipe Wells

3. So, on the first evening we had pocket stew… it didn’t go according to plan, sooo basically it was burgers, onions, carrots & something that used to be a potato! (sidenote: I also had smores for the first time, but I will cover that sensation later.)


4. Being expert campers yet slightly posh, we decided to bring along an inflatable bed (which we discovered was actually an inflatable bondage bed… for some reason.) however it deflated whilst we slept, due to a hole (that we also discovered) in the base… so that’s the start of the hard ground camping for us then!

The Tent

5. After a few hours of the afore mentioned hard ground, we awoke & decided to grab the chance to catch an incredible sun rise… I haven’t woken up at 7am since I accidentally set fire to my bed in a drunken haze back in 1992! But it was amazing… a great way to start the day.


6. Ok, I have never been outside and had to start a fire, my boy scout experience as a boy involved peeling potatoes for old people & wearing a silly hat! Luckily Kylie is dab hand at lighting fires (which made me a bit nervous as first) as she has been starting them since she was a little girl… Phew (I thought) although to be honest my testostorone levels took a bit of a beating! Breakfast was fried potato, onions & scrabbled eggs (which i repeated every day!)

Breakfast is served

7. So we went to Mosaic Canyon on our first trip, it was awesome!!! Completley made of marble & carved out by water, thousands of years ago… they were incredible, just stunning! …And then we hit the sand dunes, all 14 square miles of em! The trek was hard and just got harder, by the time we had reached the furthest AND TALLEST dune, we realised that we had miles to trek back …in the scorching Sun on hot sand! Ouch!


Mosaic Canyon


8. So when we got back, albeit a bit crispy from our Tatooine adventure we discovered that our food crate had been raped!!! By RAVENS!! …and what did they steal? HERSHEY BARS… Our God damn HERSHEY BARS!!! That meant 2 things: 1) No more Smores. 2) There were 2 hyped up on sugar Ravens terrorizing Death Valley! …who we actually discovered spying us (So we lovingly named them Steve & Guido!)

Steve & Guido

9. That night, believe it or not we found a shop! In that very shop was Hershey bars… yes! Smores was back on! Anyway, we grabbed a shower in a hotel that was down the road from our campsite & headed to tentsville. We then spent all night having sex… Go team Andy!

Under the stars

10. The next morning, we woke up to Steve & Guido searching for Hershey bars… so we fed them Cornbread!

Steve Vs. Cornbread


OK… thats part 1 done, part 2 coming soon!


I’m Back… the entire desert blog coming soon!

Man, that was crazy…


Death Valley was awesome, I have started to write a blog ALL about it but it’s gonna take a while as we did so much… PLUS we have some production design stuff to do for Star Wars XXX!

So bare with me, I’ll be back soon, keep checking here every now & then… I will do it, promise!


NOW… we can go!

Ok, so after fun & games with ‘blah blah blah’ (see previous post) we can now eventually set off to Death valley…

Be good while I’m gone, don’t go changin’ & finally, a big thanks to My friend Janice for house sitting & looking after the cats whilst I attempt to try & survive in the wilderness!

See ya!


Take a deep breath, it’s ‘Fucktard’ …THE REVENGE!

Before we go to the desert, I thought I would post this email we have JUST gotten from Fucktard. I find the best way to read it is to do it all as it’s written …in one long sentence! So, take a deep breath …and …GO! 

hello.  remember  me ?   why  is  your  so –  called  husband   posting   garbage   about  me  on  his  ridiculois   blog   and  this  stupid   name  calling  o  twitter   what  is  his  problem   he  is  the  one  who  is  causing   the   trouble  not  me  !    this  needs  to  stop  right  now    enough   already  !   is  this   how  people  from  LA   act  ?    how  is  the  name  calling  helping  me  ?   and  that  stupid  follower   of  yours  ”   smiley   faces   ”    is  nothing  but  a  gutless   coward    and  ne eds   to  shut  –  up  !   and  mind  her   own  business  i’m  sick   of  this   we  are  not  in  high   school   w  e  are  all  adults  here   @  least  i  think  we  are  !   i’m  printing   the  ridiculous   e-  mail  you  sent  me  and  sending  it  to  twitter   there  needs  to  be  an    investigation   here   you  and  your  so –  called   husband    need  to    be   investigated   !    stop   all   of   this   right   now  !  jb

Now be honest, how many of you got through the whole thing without laughing? This response (and why is he responding? He wants us to stop and yet he continues!) is too stupid for a full analytical reply… But James if you are reading this, please understand I will not stop until you stop… get it? I do not want to keep posting these but I will until you GO AWAY…. you started this, not me…  All i am doing is showing the world what a fucktard you are, that’s it… it is YOU who is harassing US! So, put away your toys, wipe the dribble from your mouth and crawl back into your cage.

To clarify, by now you should have grasped the following points:

  1. BombedoutLA is NOT going to stop tweeting.
  2. Kylie is NOT going to stop retweeting.
  3. You have to click UNFOLLOW.
  4. You have to STOP sending emails.
  5. You need to get a life.
  6. Use punctuation when writing a letter.

Hopefully, this is the last we will hear from James & our lives can go back to normal, so wipe the tears from your face as ‘The Fucktard’ rides off into the distance on his trusty my little pony… bye-bye fucktard… bye-bye.


Been through the desert on a Horse with no name.

We are in the desert… well, we are setting off to the desert soon! Eitherway, there is nothing happening in the world of blog for a couple of days! Expect plenty of blogging and desert type pics on my return…


PS Actually, the title of this blog is not true… the Horse was called ‘Steve’

PPS Kylie has ear muffs!

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