Take a deep breath, it’s ‘Fucktard’ …THE REVENGE!

Before we go to the desert, I thought I would post this email we have JUST gotten from Fucktard. I find the best way to read it is to do it all as it’s written …in one long sentence! So, take a deep breath …and …GO! 

hello.  remember  me ?   why  is  your  so –  called  husband   posting   garbage   about  me  on  his  ridiculois   blog   and  this  stupid   name  calling  o  twitter   what  is  his  problem   he  is  the  one  who  is  causing   the   trouble  not  me  !    this  needs  to  stop  right  now    enough   already  !   is  this   how  people  from  LA   act  ?    how  is  the  name  calling  helping  me  ?   and  that  stupid  follower   of  yours  ”   smiley   faces   ”    is  nothing  but  a  gutless   coward    and  ne eds   to  shut  –  up  !   and  mind  her   own  business  i’m  sick   of  this   we  are  not  in  high   school   w  e  are  all  adults  here   @  least  i  think  we  are  !   i’m  printing   the  ridiculous   e-  mail  you  sent  me  and  sending  it  to  twitter   there  needs  to  be  an    investigation   here   you  and  your  so –  called   husband    need  to    be   investigated   !    stop   all   of   this   right   now  !  jb

Now be honest, how many of you got through the whole thing without laughing? This response (and why is he responding? He wants us to stop and yet he continues!) is too stupid for a full analytical reply… But James if you are reading this, please understand I will not stop until you stop… get it? I do not want to keep posting these but I will until you GO AWAY…. you started this, not me…  All i am doing is showing the world what a fucktard you are, that’s it… it is YOU who is harassing US! So, put away your toys, wipe the dribble from your mouth and crawl back into your cage.

To clarify, by now you should have grasped the following points:

  1. BombedoutLA is NOT going to stop tweeting.
  2. Kylie is NOT going to stop retweeting.
  3. You have to click UNFOLLOW.
  4. You have to STOP sending emails.
  5. You need to get a life.
  6. Use punctuation when writing a letter.

Hopefully, this is the last we will hear from James & our lives can go back to normal, so wipe the tears from your face as ‘The Fucktard’ rides off into the distance on his trusty my little pony… bye-bye fucktard… bye-bye.


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