The Eagle* has landed


Yes, that’s right the ducks are back… and no I haven’t lost my mind!

In my crazy little world of Porno, sex & Porno sex, the ducks that turn up at our pool every year have returned… infact I caught them shagging yesterday (the dirty duckers!) so I thought I would share the joy of Spring with you all and post some pics!

The ducks are back

MMMM... Chlorine!

Also (in other news) the Scream XXX trailer is NOW OUT!! …I play ‘Steve the Cameraman’ so here’s the link for you so that you can enjoy my moment of Parody madness (but pay attention, I’m only in the trailer for like 2 seconds… see if you can spot me)

Anyway, that’s all for now, i will start on Desert adventure part 2 at some stage today and don’t forget to check out my website: for all the graffiti news in mine & Kylie’s world!


3 comments on “The Eagle* has landed

  1. That’s a wicked photo Andy & thought that was you behind the camera in xxxScream looks a good movie too.
    I’m sure you can a handle a pair of mallards maybe even their ducklings. You better hope though that they don’t tell their friends or the Geese cause the next thing you know it’ll be like a nature reserve in your garden.
    Good job you don’t get the mighty big arm breaking Mute swans like back home in Blighty as you will be taking your life in your hands going near that swimming pool with them in it LMAO

  2. Andy-
    Get the ducks out of the pool!! Their poo will stain the plaster! Oh and finish the blog about you and Kylie.. you left off in England after a night of drinking with Mick!!

    Thanks in advance, now, go run the ducks out!

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