What the fuck happened?

SO I am currently sat with Kylie & we are discussing my all time favorite pornstars…

Now you have to remember I am not upto date on Porn even though I am constantly meeting girls in the industry, I am, what I like to refer to as ‘Old School’ when it comes to porn & am STILL of the opinion that 90’s porn was the best porn ever made! …I mean it wasn’t that the girls were hotter (which they were) it was because the films were just sexier, today’s porn is too freakish and more Circus like… who the fuck (apart from social outcasts or murders) wants to see a milk enema? or some green haired, buck toothed skinny bird covered in poorly designed tattoos get banged in the ass by ‘some bloke’ in a cheaply made Gonzo scene (not that I know what Gonzo is… he’s was a Muppet, right?)

Anyway, after much discussion, here’s my top 10 all time favorite list… obviously Kylie would be at the top but I am not allowed to include her …but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s full of classic hotness and even though some are retired and some have now leant towards the freaky (cause you gotta earn a livin right?) it’s a great way to travel down memory lane as you mutter under your breathe “how on earth did porn get so wierd!”

  1. Celeste
  2. Stacey Valentine
  3. Julia Ann
  4. Tiffany Towers
  5. Holly Body
  6. Bianca Trump
  7. Kim Chambers
  8. Rebecca Wilde
  9. Wendy Whoppers
  10. JR Carrington (pre melty face)

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