Time Flies… or is it flys?

Yet again not much to report since my update on Star Wars XXX…

So what revelations can I tell you about? Well, I am on Pornstar Pundits again this week, you can catch the show on: http://bit.ly/hHR4er  that’s THIS Friday, 1st April (no joke!) from 5pm -7pm PST… And that ladies & gentlemen will also mark my 12 months anniversary of being in America and the start of what promises to be the greatest, greatest month ever… why you ask? Well here’s why: April is month of the Ram (as in ‘Ram it up her’) it’s also my birthday (the 10th) AND therefore the start of AndyFest 2011 (10th-17th) a week that NOT only includes my 1 year wedding anniversary (the 16th) but also marks a week of debauchery & general hellraising for everyone on the planet!! (whadya mean it’s not marked on your calender??? …buy a Sharpie and stick it on there!!) Anyway… as previously stated April is the greatest, great month of all, the greatest people are born, I live in the greatest country in the greatest city, with the greatest wife celebrating our great event on the greatest day during the greatest worldwide event! Argue that one… and send presents!

Moving on to other news, Kylie’s new & improved website is going well, only a couple more pages to update and then the arduous task of resizing all her videos begins, we already have around 50 done PLUS all the new updates are being posting BIG but she has SOOO many… it’s gotta be one of the biggest websites out there (and testament to what a slut she is!) remember you can always can check it out at www.kylieireland.com

Seeing as we are on the subject of Kylie, FUCK ME!! How fucking crazy his her blog? I mean she has been doing it (again, as part of her web relaunch) for only 5 weeks & she has already beaten www.bombedoutLA.com & is rapidly approaching this one (and I repeat, these are 2 BUSY blogs… it’s no mean feat!)

Anyway (sniffle) as you have probably noticed Kylie has been plastered all over the web since the world found out she is street artist DeeKay, so that’s a good thing… she has been working hard for the last few days creating some new stuff (and practising stencils at home!) therefore, it won’t be long before she hits the streets of LA again with her new material.

And apart from that we have been waiting on Star Wars XXX cash money so that we can get this party started, so I leave you with some photos of recent stuff including DeeKay’s practise ground, accidentally driving through a movie set and a link to the new BombedoutLA promo vid.

Speak soon… peace out!


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BombedoutLA Vs. The LA River: http://twitvid.com/SLNKI

Andyfest 2011 wishlist: http://amzn.to/dFErzv (please give generously!)

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