AndyFest 2011® is HERE!!

It’s arrived, the party has started & the world is a better place for the next 7 days! …it’s AndyFest 2011®

So what’s happened so far? Well, I awoke to a Kylie Ireland on my dick who serviced me well… and then gave me a present! (some would think that WAS the present but she doesn’t stop giving, she’s a kind soul!) anyway, according to her I get a present every morning all week (Note to self: must write that into next years rules) …so it’s gonna be eventful and fun filled as ever.

Moving onto other AndyFest 2011® news, I will be doing a blog at the end of the festivities that includes pics tweeted by YOU!!! So please keep tweeting, ideally we want pictures of drunkeness or tits!!! or drunken tits!!! Eitherway it should make some great reading…

So then world, please continue… a BIG thanks for all the birthday wishes so far, they are really appreciated… in return, here are some pics of AndyFest 2011® that I have taken/received so far:

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