Venice Beach Canals with Mrs Appleton

Me and the lovely Kylie went down to the social security office a couple of days ago and started the process of changing her name on ALL her documents…. I know, I know it has only taken us 12 months to get round to it but we have been busy and we presumed it would take a day of paperwork and paperwork and err… some paperwork.

Anyway, it turns out the whole process takes 13 minutes!

Soooo… Moving on from that momentous error of judgement, my lovely wife is now officially an Appleton according to the US state department (or whatever department is in charge of social security matters!) so hurrah for us.

As you can imagine we then decided to celebrate our 13 minute adventure, so we went for a romantic stroll along Venice beach Canals, hand in hand on a lovely day, staring lovingly into each other eyes and with envy at some of the amazing houses we saw. Eitherway, GO TEAM APPLETON!!

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