Exxxotica Los Angeles 2011

So, me & the missus went over to Exxxotica last week to set up the Landspeeder for Vivid at their booth before the annual smut fest that is Exxotica began. It was a sad day for us as it was the last day we would see the speeder in it’s full glory, rumour has it that she will be sold at a fan auction & seeing as this baby took us 3 weeks to build from scratch… we decided to take it for a last spin!

Anyway, this was then followed by me, as Darth Vader, making a personal appearance with Allie Haze (Leia) & Aiden Ashley (Sexy stormtrooper)… which was to be fair, alot of fun despite sweating my bollocks off for 4 hours & posing for a million photos!

As a side note, i must thank Allie & Aiden who looked after me (as i am nearly blind & deaf in the costume) for most of the day & keeping me fed/watered & preventing me from passing out… thanks girls!

And that was that, a succesful day of promoting Star Wars XXX was had by all & the Landspeeder was a smash hit… I am currently scouring the web for pics of the day, here are a couple that i have found so far & don’t forget to keep checking back on my blog for details of the EXACT release date for what will be the greatest porn film of all time!


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