My First Art Bio!

This is my first artist Bio page from Maximillian Gallery, who represent me for all my art… and what a great job they have been doing so far. Oh, & if you want to see more & possibly buy my art then you should check out the details here:

About The Artist:

Andy Appleton Action Hero

Andy Appleton started sketching as a child, roughly the same time after he received his first comic book, he hasn’t stopped since. Andy isn’t philosophical about his art; he isn’t political about it either, he doesn’t claim his work contains hidden meanings… he creates things that are cool to look at.

The greatest compliment Andy ever received was when, at his first art show, thieves broke in & stole all his work after only the first night.

Andy Appleton Painting

Andy’s work is heavily influenced by graphic novels, cartoons, graffiti & “Whatever he likes the look of” …he doesn’t tend to talk about modern art much, it makes his head hurt.

Andy is now 39 years of age, you can find his art on street corners, body parts & living room walls.

Andy’s Mission statement:

Art is subjective, Cool tends to be universal.

( This article was used by permission of Maximillian Gallery, view thier site here: )

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