How to summarize part 19

Now where was I? …oh yes, house hunting!

So, it’s the middle of March 2009, the weather was shit & Me & Kylie were living on 2 separate continents… basically things were rubbish & i was trying not to be the most miserable man on the planet. I mean, don’t get me wrong anyone who has discovered the love of his life should be jumping for joy 24 hours a day but the 5000 mile gap & the typical soggy english weather just weren’t helping, i needed out & i needed to be in Kylie’s arms fast!

My days mainly consisted off selling stuff as i needed to raise cash fast for the move, so i sold my car, my TV, my PS3, DVD’s, Video games, records AND my entire CD collection ….basically anything & everything i could get my hands on! My nights were spent text skyping with Kylie as she drove around Los Angeles looking at houses then sending me the address, which i would google with google earth & check it out, at the end of her daily trips we would then return to normal skype, she would email me all the pics of the interiors & we would discuss (clever huh?)

Now the original plan was for me to arrive in Los Angeles around mid April, just after my birthday as Kylie was doing production design on a French produced film called ‘Kiss of the Strangler’ which would end about that time & then i would arrive ….but finding somewhere to live wasn’t the only hurdle, so prepare yourself for a dramatic plot twist!

OK, so when i met Kylie she was in a relationship (yes, you read that correctly) & as i have written this story we have both discussed at great length about how i approach writing about it, what to omit, and what is relevant to our story & i think this is the first time where i cannot continue without mentioning it… so here we go.

Basically Kylie left a relationship to be with me & although that may seem harsh for the other person involved & very selfish on my part, i have always made clear that me & Kylie are meant to be together, that we both know we are soul mates & that everyone that has encountered us together or seen the way we react to one another & how we are, agree… Me & Kylie are one person, we have never come across like a fling, or a mid-life crisis, or 2 crazy people on a mission of self-destruction to ‘Insano’ land. One thing you have to recognise is that we are real & that 2 years down the line (yes, it’s a few days shy of 2 years since we first started talking!) things between us are bigger & better than ever, our love continues to grow & that this incredible story is simply mind-blowing… sigh.

Anyway, the point of all this is that we ran out of time looking for somewhere to live, Kylie had to find someone to help her with production design & prepare for ‘Kiss of the Strangler’ (which was about to start) & we basically had no idea what to do, i was arriving in 2 weeks (as we had spent 2 weeks looking for houses with me organising my move from the UK) & the movie was taking 2 weeks to film, that meant by the time i arrived we would have nowhere to live, we needed a solution FAST…. and guess who came to our rescue? Her now Ex-Boyfriend (yeah, the guy i was just talking about, the one she left… for me!)

This guy was also working on the movie, in fact he was directing it from the studio where he worked with Kylie over many years, it was him that suggested i arrive in Los Angeles 2 weeks early to help her on the movie, it was him that suggested that we lived in the studio (which was called ‘The Fallout shelter’ btw) …it was him that knew Kylie needed me, that saw the difference in her since we met & that wanted her to be happy & that i was the man that did that.  I just wanna add, that throughout this whole story her ex-boyfriend knew all about me, he was never lied to, he knew Kylie was speaking to me since day one, he knew all about London & he knew that we had fallen in love & that we were soul mates… at no point did he ever interfere or prevent Kylie & me being together, which seems weird maybe but even he knew that me & Kylie needed to be together & let’s be honest he gave her up to prove it. Now that’s a sacrifice you don’t hear about very often, I can honestly say (as i have known this guy for nearly 2 years as well) in fact we have become kind of friends, that i still scratch my head when i think about what he lost for our gain but some relationships are just different i guess, especially in porn… but i don’t feel right discussing what went on before me & Kylie discovered each other or how that worked, it’s just not my place to say.

So, (going back to the story) that’s what happened, my departure date went from the 16th April… to the 1st of April! I had only been away from Kylie for 2 weeks (although it seemed like 2 months!) & yet i would be landing in LA & she would be back in my arms within 24 hours!

Next time i continue the story, I will be telling you about my nightmare at passport control, what happen at Hotel Figueroa & my first steps onto a porn movie set… stay tuned!


PS: I have no photos from this part of the story… sorry!

3 comments on “How to summarize part 19

  1. I want to lock you in a cell with only a laptop for a whole week until you finish this story goddamit!

    Kylie’s ex sounds like a top dude. Shaun’s best mate is his ex. All my conventional mates find that a scandal and outrage but she’s great for him and I really like her. She’s the only other person in the world who understand him so has become a great allie of mine.

    Anyway, hurry up and write some more xxx

  2. Oh… and yes, he is. He was a great help for the first few months when i landed, he also set us up with working on some MASSIVE movies as well. We don’t see him so much nowadays to be fair (he said after helping him move home last month!) but you know, life changes & people come in & out of yor life for a reason etc…

    I promise i will try & write more but art has taken up so much of our time, when we have free time we tend to chill out, i couldn’t sleep last night so hey presto 🙂 x

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