Updates from the City of Angels

Hi! How’s everybody doing? Are we sitting comfortably? Good… then i’ll begin.

At the moment life is pretty hectic, Me & Kylie have been preparing for Scope Miami (for which we ended up sending 31 pieces of art!) I am also heading up the new street art blog for Maximillian Gallery AND starting production design for 2 new movies which start filming in a couple of weeks… Oh, & it’s Christmas soon!

So forgive me if blogging slows down for a bit, it almost feels like as soon as i get time to continue the story of me & Kylie life goes mental & i just end up getting loads of emails telling me I’m a work shy fop & to get my arse in gear! I promise that one day it will be finished & hopefully it will then loop to the very beginning of the blog when i first decided to write it! (that’s the plan anyway)

What else can I tell you? errr… oh yeah, my imdb page has been updated!

Me & Kylie went down to the gallery today, sold a couple of pieces & then added a couple of new ones:

Oh, & we also saw some strange things on Melrose:

Whilst on the subject of Melrose, the Kid Robot store down there just kills me… i can’t resist going in, still my collection is growing (kinda!)

And that’s about it… so, wish us luck for a sell out show in Miami & keep checking back on the blog for updates on the movies as well. I will leave you with a few links to Scope Miami & the street art blog for Maximillian Gallery PLUS a picture of my wife’s tits doing some art! (She’s fuckin hot my wife… have i ever mentioned that?)

See you soon,




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