AndyFest 2012 (part 1)


To kick off Andy Fest 2012, i decided that i would like to go over to Galpin Auto Sport & have a look at some of the classic & pimped out cars that they have in thier legendary showroom… oh, after we all went to Arby’s for dinner (I’m a classy guy!)

Anyway, before we set off i dropped a tweet the guys at GAS saying i was on my way & about 10 minutes later they tweeted back saying that they were looking forward to the visit & that in celebration of my birthday that they had some presents for me!

When we arrived (after Arby’s nom nom) we ran into ‘Mad Mike’ (of Pimp my Ride fame) who let us into the showroom to have a look at the AMAZING cars they have on display.

Here are some of the cars, stand by for part 2 of the story shortly… or if i have posted it, go to my home page!


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