AndyFest 2012 (part 2)


For those of you who’ve read part 1, here is part 2 (for those of you who haven’t, err… read part 1 first!)

So, we had a look around the car showroom & the set for Pimp My Ride & then decided to go collect my prezzies from the store, when we got there the lady on reception asked if we could wait as the manager & PR exec wanted to give us a tour & show us behind the scenes… so, of course, we waited.

When the guys got there they gave us the entire tour, the workshop, the showroom (Kylie grew up around custom cars so she had a million questions) we even got to see a TOP SECRET project they are working on PLUS a couple of specially customized Shelby GT mustangs in  production!

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, i got some pictures taken with Mad Mike & a free T-shirt PLUS a hat (you know i love my hats!)

Anyway, I gotta say a big thanks to all the guys at GAS for a great afternoon, it was REALLY appreciated & i suggest if anyone is ever in the Van Nuys area in Cali, that you drop by & have a look at thier pretty cool showroom & marvel at what they can do to anything that has wheels!



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