The Camera Never Lies


For those of you out there who are around my age, you might be thinking “why is Andy quoting song lyrics by Buck’s Fizz” …Well i’ll tell you why, it’s because since the invention of Photoshop or more aptly to this post Instagram, the camera DOES indeed lie.

Not that this is a complaint, it is just a statement that acknowledges that there are now 101 different ‘apps’ or software programs now available online that can make fat people seem skinny, ugly people look pretty or in my case haggard, wrinkly grey haired monkeys appear like Brad Pitt! (yeah, i know… it’s a stretch)

Anyway, the point is i have been tinkering with Instagram for a month or so & have taken one or two pics that are quite good, one or two that are quite bizarre & some ones that are just out & out fun… and so (as i have mentioned before on my blog) I decided to share a few with you, cause why the fuck not?


PS: Buck’s Fizz were a cheezy English pop group in the 80’s that made Justin Bieber sound like a musical genius (yes, THAT bad!)

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