Apart from Shelley Lubben’s massive sweaty face, the most annoying thing in the world are those people that jam up our timelines on Facebook with ‘photo shopped’ pictures of OTHER peoples work that have famous quotes by philosophers and/or people of historical importance!

Why you ask? Well, mainly because they have NO bearing whatsoever on the personal lives or ideologies of the people that fucking post them!

I mean c’mon, if you are REALLY that deep & meaningful then why do you have to copy other people’s stuff? If you REALLY are an intelligent & thoughtful person then why do you have to rely on what (mainly) dead people have said or what talented photographers have already captured?

Is it REALLY that much of bind to put your own stamp on life or to get your own personal feelings about everything out to the world? Surely, if you are that in touch with your surroundings (as your stolen pictures & words say you are) then you must have already spent years of soul searching & therefore coming up with the meaning of it all & summarizing it all in a few simple words must be easy, right?

But alas, no… Unfortunately we live in a world where Keepin up with the Kardashians is considered “entertainment” & the endless tripe that Simon Cowell & co. force down our throats is considered “Talent” & therefore the majority of people have slowly lost the ability to think for themselves & as a result REAL art & talent just gets bastardized & thrown up on social media sites as a representation of just how ‘Special’ & ‘Individual’ people REALLY think they are!

So in honor of all these sad fucktards i have decided to create my own words of wisdom….  And hopefully, most of the people reading this will know what the fuck I am trying to say but if you don’t know what the fuck I am saying, well then fuck you. You are an idiot, so try living you OWN life & having your OWN ideas, never repeat a fucking thing ANYONE ever tells you unless you know it to be true, otherwise you are just another sheep & that means that Kim Kardashian’s ego AND Simon Cowell’s house will just keep getting bigger!

Rant Over, Enjoy the pics!


PS: And don’t get me started on “LOL” cause if you have to explain your sense of humor… you aren’t funny, you are a retard!

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