An afternoon with @GrahamDamn33

Hello all,

As most of you are aware me & Kylie get our fair share of crazy people who tweet us, however over the last week or so we have been subjected to a special brand of crazy in the form of @GrahamDamn33. Anyway, long story short, he tweets me or Kylie (& various other pornstars) random insults then argues with anyone who tweets him, then he blocks everyone…. then he deletes his tweets. But today i decided to copy & paste them as we chatted (about the world as he sees it) & then blog our entire conversation!

I make no apologies for @GrahamDamn33’s spelling or grammar, i personally think it adds to his crazy.


G: @theandyappleton You are just a jerk. Tried to friend you and Kylie, yet you lie about everything. You both are just not as important at all

Me: Everyone, please please please read @grahamdamn33 ‘s timeline before he deletes it… it’s AWESOME 🙂

G: @theandyappleton you are a colossal liar Andy. Get a life and quit riding the coatails of your idiot other. All I asked was a friend.

Me: @grahamdamn33 YAY 🙂

G: @theandyappleton Your significant other does other guys because you can’t please her. So dont blame me for your shortcomings.

Me: @grahamdamn33 OK

G: @theandyappleton Your only claim to fame is that you sleep witha girl that 5,000 guys before you have. Not impressed. You are nothing.

Me: @grahamdamn33 this is true i know, but thanks for pointing it out i keep forgetting 🙂

G: @theandyappleton The only one who hasnt screwed Kylie is my Grandpa, and he is dead. You have a prize their dude. Sloppy 10,000,000 seconds?

Me: @grahamdamn33 awesome, do i get a trophy?

G: @theandyappleton You love a slut golden. Your business. Will throw you a rope when you fall into that sloppy canyon. Yuck.

Me: @grahamdamn33 i appreciate that thank you, & i will of course reimburse you for the cost of the rope should that happen.

G: @theandyappleton Goodbye oldtimers. You just dont matter anymore. Kylie was cool 25 years ago. Not now. Collect Social Security dude.

Me: @grahamdamn33 Do you have to go so soon? I was enjoying our chat. Sorry about Kylie being uncool btw, still at least we have the memories.

G: @theandyappleton She is fat and flabby. Reminds me of my great grandmother. Not attractive. Makes me want to puke. Why is she still online?

Me: @grahamdamn33 i have no idea, but you are right, i’ve constantly told her about all the cakes she eats but she won’t listen… what do i do?

G: @theandyappleton Memories are like a bowel movement. Just a thing of the past. Like Kylie, no one really cares anymore.

Me: @grahamdamn33 that’s pretty deep, i love that about you, you always cut straight to the point, you are like the Dalai Lama of crazy people.

G: @theandyappleton She was great 30 years ago Think she needs a mirror to tell her time to go. Looks like a milk cow now.

Me: @grahamdamn33 funny u should said say that, cause i was milking her earlier. We can produce 4 or 5 gallons on a good day. We save a fortune.

G: @theandyappleton Glad you are there, because I wouldn’t bang her with your dick. Just gross right now. Time to go away. No one wants it.

Me: @grahamdamn33 damn straight you wouldn’t bang her with my dick, i have no idea where it is. I swapped it for some magic beans in 1943.

G: @theandyappleton you are just gross. Go milk that ugly cow. Right up your nothing alley. Neither one of you matter at all.

Me: @grahamdamn33 i AM pretty gross, again thanks 4 reminding me. I can’t milk her up Nothing alley though, the council sent me a cease & desist

—End scene—

At this point GrahamDamn33 then deleted everything, blocked me & disapeared. Ah Thankyou.

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