Measure B – THE FACTS

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I get a lot of questions on Twitter and Facebook about Measure B…since it would take forever to answer each person one by one (on Twitter in 140 characters or less) here is a short list of the many articles, links and videos about Measure B. Including the endorsements by the Los Angeles Times and The Daily News. Please read/watch them to get a better understanding about what Measure B is and why you should vote #NoToMeasureB. It’s not just about condom use. It’s way bigger than that.


No on Measure B – LA Times Endorses ‘No on Measure B’,0,1623510.story

“And if they [the adult industry] flee — should we care? Porn is, after all, porn, and even though it has become more accepted in mainstream culture in recent decades and is occasionally considered hip where it was once widely dismissed as smut, it will never be universally embraced….”states The Los Angeles Times, “Yet we should care, not necessarily because porn should be embraced but rather because it is an integral part of the entertainment industry that represents many jobs and a large part of the Southern California economy. Even if there are only a few hundred on-camera performers, porn is estimated to be a $1-billion to $2-billion industry, employing thousands of sound, lighting, stage, technical and other crew members and post-production workers in between gigs in more-mainstream film and television productions.”

“Measure B is well intentioned, but it is likely to stymie county government and bring little benefit to performers. The Times recommends a no vote.”


Daily News: Endorsement: No on B — Measure to force condoms in porn films is redundant and could harm an important local industry

“The real question is whether the threat of disease posed by the porn industry is serious enough to warrant the effort and expense called for by Measure B. The newspaper’s editorial board does not believe the proponents of the so-called Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act have proven that case. We urge a “no” vote on Nov. 6.”


Measure B Would Affect Only 280 Adult Performers in Los Angeles County in Colossal Waste of Taxpayer Dollars, According to the No on Government Waste Committee:

My favorite quote from the article above: “It’s mindboggling to think we are subjecting the voters of LA County to this ballot fight over 280 performers who are already subject to one of the most stringent sexually transmitted disease testing programs in the world,” said James Lee, communications director for the No on Government Waste Committee. “When you couple that with the over $4 million already spent by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in supporting this measure, you have to wonder what kind of porn obsession Michael Weinstein has and what it is taking away from the real threats of HIV.”


‘No on Measure B’ spokesman, James Lee, answers questions about the initiative


One of my favorite blog reads so far:

The Bullshit Behind Measure B & Mandated Condoms in Porn


In case you missed them, here are the PSAs with industry vetran Steven St. Croix:

And the PSA with Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy:


xBiz article + Adult industry activist and filmmaker Michael Whiteacre YouTube video in protest of Measure B

Direct link to Michael Whitacre’s video on YouTube:


More informative links you need:

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