Lenny the Mook

Lenny Appleton 2005 – 2013


I remember the day i first got Lenny, i had never owned a cat before but my friend Richard’s cat had had a litter of kittens & he simply didn’t know what to do with them, so just out of curiosity i went round to see how cute they were & Lenny (who was then unnamed) simply captured my heart.

He was the friendlist, cutest & most out going little furball i had ever seen & as stupid as it may seem, it was love at first sight & after a couple of hours of him climbing around on me, falling asleep in my arms & playing with bits of string, I had no choice but to bring him home.

At the time i got him, i had just retired from 18 years of  running nightclubs & was deep in the middle of redecorating my house whilst i decided what to do with my life, so i literally spend every hour of the day with him discussing my options, life, love & the world in general all the way until he was around 6 months old & in that time i discovered he used to love sitting on my shoulders while i painted, sleeping in bowls whilst i worked, hiding in boxes that i left lying around & being cuddled every time i sat down with a cup of tea. He was the coolest little bundle of fur i had ever met, so much so that he converted me from being a dog person to a cat person.

Anyway, over the next 3 years me & Lenny became the best of pals, every day when i got in from work he would greet me at the door, sit on my shoulders as i made dinner, & then i would discuss his adventures & the array of mice & birds he would bring home for me… then we would snuggle up & watch TV.

Now, i don’t know who trained who but everyday we also used to go for walks together around our neighbourhood where he used to introduce me to all the neighbours that he had befriended, any local hedgehogs & once, even a fox!

At the time, I was only  known as “Lenny’s Dad” and to be honest,  if it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t have some of the best memories that i currently have, in fact (as an example) when i first met Kylie on Twitter it was all down to Lenny as some of our first tweets were about cats like “who had the coolest cat” & “who’s cat was the cutest” & even though Lenny didn’t win… trust me, he still was the coolest!

So, what happened to Lenny before i moved to LA you Ask? Well, let me tell you…

Before i left my house & moved, at least a couple of times a week, i would have my closest friends over to watch crappy sci fi movies, eat pizza, smoke some weed & basically chill the fuck out… one of those people was Andy Copeland, a DJ who i had worked with for MANY MANY years whilst i was still running clubs,  a guy who i had always considered as one of my best friends & a guy who was basically a crazy cat man as you could wish to meet (he already had a cat called Roger… what does that tell you!)

Anyway, Lenny & Copey (as we all know him as) loved each other from the start & if it wasn’t for my hardrive crash a few months ago i could literally blog a hundred pics of him, high as fuck with Lenny wrapped around his shoulders or having a cuddle… so when i moved, Copey simply adopted him & over the last 4 years they had the same relationship (along with his wife Laura & son Daniel) that we had, I literally could not have asked for a better Mum & Dad for Lenny & not only that I used to get weekly updates & pics PLUS Skype dates… YES, i regularly skyped with a cat!!!

So that kinda brings me around to today.

Copey & Laura Skyped me this morning & told me that Lenny had had a heart attack, that he didn’t suffer but unfortunatley that he had died & even though i am sad I am also happy that he died in the arms of my best friend & that he was loved.

My only regret is that i wish that the last time i saw Lenny that i knew it would be that last time i saw Lenny…. i love you buddy & sweet dreams.

I think the purpose of this blog is to say thank you to Copey & Laura for being the best adoptive parents ever & that i am sorry that i have given you the same heavy heart that i have right now but as my Dad always says, Animals don’t die… they simply become legends.

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