An AVN award winning Art Director wrote this.

Just so you know, i am going to milk this award till it turns into cheese…

As you may or may not know, me & Kylie won “Best Art Direction” for Star Wars XXX at this years AVN awards. I would personally like to take all the credit for it but as we know (despite my assertions to the contrary) this is not the case. I was simply a huge cog in an even larger machine. So without further ado, i would like to say thank you to the following people who put in all the hard work, made me look fantastic & provided me with a golden trophy that looks like it is having sex with itself.

…and those people are:

Axel Braun – The Director, the Mad professor… the attention to detail specialist

Shylar Cobi – the boss, the guy who tells us what to do, how much cash we have & the guy who tells us when we have ‘NAILED IT’

Eli Cross – The advisor, the expert in all things star wars, the guy who points us in the right direction & tells us when we have fucked up & to do it again… but better!

Nic Danger – The man who lights up our world… and our sets!

The Crew – the people who solve problems, build stuff & make us shine (and they are) Brian Streetteam, Beto, My friend Janice, Angel Vain, Eric, Joe, Dizzy Cash, Belial (the propmaster) & Pro Villain.

But most importantly (sorry you guys, but it’s true) …Kylie Ireland.

During the whole 2 months that we filmed Star Wars XXX, she was my inspiration & my driving force & despite ALL the arguments (and trust me, we argued about SOOOO many parts of this movie) we got through it, solved the insolveable & produced something that not only are we incredibly proud of but something that turned work mates into friends & those friends into family. Something very special happened on the set of this movie & the awards we received all kinda seem secondary to the moments we created off camera…

Anyway, enough of me being all emotional, let’s just look at some pics of the awards ceremony, drunk people & hot chicks! (in no particular order)

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