Busy workin…


Hey folks,

As you can tell by my timeline i’ve not been bloggin that much, infact i was repremanded only the other day by my sister for not even returning emails… so apologies all around, life is simply hectic at the moment.

Meanwhile moving on, me & Kylie have been busy finishing sets for the last 2 Axel Braun movies & as i type we are now currently deep in pre-production building sets for his next two PLUS we have been preparing for our HUGE mainstream movie ‘Cowboys & Engines’ …Oh, if you don’t know what the fuck that is, then shame on you, go catch up on our kickstarter page right here: http://kck.st/WGta1K (and of course donate, we are only $7K away from success)

Anyway, that being said, today i spent all day on set acting in ANOTHER Axel Braun feature (i have no idea when that guy sleeps!) but this time for Hustler. In it i play an Admiral in ‘Star Trek XXX 3D’ alongside Evan Stone, Michael Vegas, Bailey Blue & Ana Fox as well as many other adult film types & i must say that not only does it look like another smash hit for Axel but it was also a fun filled day with some really great people, the highlight for me being Evan, Michael & me doing an improv musical version whilst practising our lines… although to be fair we didn’t have a dull moment all day.

SO, that being said & as ever with my blogs i leave with with a few pics & promises of release dates for all the movies we are working on.





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