Need a castle? Then call an Englishman.

To be fair, i could have called this entry “Need a Castle? Then call an Englishman & his cumly new world wench” but seeing as i didn’t have enough space in the header plus the fact that i would’ve been beaten around the head with a blunt object whilst my American wife screamed “who are you calling a Wench?” i decided to go with the former. Besides, having said that my wife is more of a ‘Brazen Strumpet’ than a ‘Wench’ so i decided to just run with it. Either way, you get the point… we basically design & build sets.

Anyway getting back on point, last week me & Kylie (who is not a Wench btw) were given the task by Kink (as in to create (from scratch) a castle/medieval setting for a small movie they were making that was being directed by the ever lovely Princess Donna.

And so here’s how we did it, thanks to the stunning Chanel Preston & her tits for making the set look even more spectacular… we had nothing to do with that part!

2 comments on “Need a castle? Then call an Englishman.

  1. How long did you have to do that? How did you get the brick done? How much was the set overall? That’s a really amazing job. How were the acoustics?

    Also, you were awesome on Wed. Night 3 way last week. You guys make my two-hour commute tolerable.

  2. It took 4 hours to make the walls & paint them, probably about another 1 hour to fit them. The brick effect was made by using a Sharpie to roughly mark them out & then we used a heat gun to carve them. The set cost about a $1000, give or take. The acoustics were pretty good, it was a HUGE room & even though we added all that styrofoam it didn’t really make a lot of difference once the sound crew turned up & did there magic.

    Thanks for the compliments on the 3 way, i love standing in for whoever is missing, i’m glad that it’s a relief for some of your work journey. We are here to help 🙂

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